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Ashely Cole

Banned for speeding this arse wipe then get time to pay the fine of £1,400 time to pay ??? are you f**king kidding ??? £ 100, 000 a week and he gets time to pay !!


  • When he asked for time to pay the judges/magistrates laughed and then gave it! How odd is that, I would have him locked up for contempt of court for that.
  • He's also appealed the conviction. His lawyer was argueing the speed gun might have been faulty when it registered him doing 104mph in a 50.....because he stated he thought he was only doing 80!!! [email protected]
  • He's hateful
  • What percentage of our wages would we get done for the same offence.
  • what a tit maybe he spends his 100k a week on coke too same as mutu maybe its playing for chelski turns players into coke addicks
  • Amazing how some of our England team players are 'preparing' for the forthcoming cup final isn't it...... Terry and this 'graceless git'. Talented player, with all the advantages of life, Gem of a wife etc etc..... as the origianl poster put so perfectly 'arse wipe' . Alway's someone else's fault with this guy, will not be the last time IMO......
  • Him and Terry are prize tits.
    Cashley should stick to what he's good at. Sticking phones up his arse.
  • Not been a great week for England left backs
  • Everyone's favourite footballer is back on the bench for Chelsea tomorrow. Whilst no one gives a flying about him personally, it's good news for England at the world cup.
  • Yep gotta agree. Miles better than anyone else we have.
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  • Total, utter c*nt. But yeah, good that he's back for the world cup.
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