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Man Utd V Arsenal to be broadcast in 3D.

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Personally I can think of better things to be broadcast in 3D than football.


  • I hope your not being rude :-)
  • I don't think it will ever be THAT popular 3d, HD has only just come in and everyone loves it. I just can't people bothering sitting in the pub wearing 3D glasses. For movies yes, 3D is probably the next big thing but for sport events I can't see it.
  • A good job they didn't choose our game on Monday ......... they would've wasted two dimensions ;-)
  • Another reason for all the armchair Man U and Arsenal fans to go to the pub then!
  • I think people getting in the way would really screw up the 3d image. Also the idea of people dancing around a tv with 3d glasses on is a bit odd. It will be interesting to see how it pans out but I think 3D is best suited to films.

    Do you need a special TV for 3D? Doesn't it work on normal HD tellys? And more importantly when is smell 0-telly coming out?
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    This whole 3d thing has really got out of hand. On the basic level All the movies that you can buy on Dvd/Blu ray that come with those cheap n nasty glasses are eye zappingly annoying and it is a blessed relief to see them in 2d and actual colour, the glasses are a horrible red blue mess. At Disney World they have a few 3d mini movies and they come with what I would imagine to be relatively inexpensive glasses like shades that afford a lovely 3d image, I would imagine some tweeking of that is the way to mass appeal for 3d.
    As big red evil said HD is a relatively new thing and is quite fantastic in itself. For 3d football ManU and Arsenal fans of Surrey and outlying districts could try actually going to a real football match and seeing it in ultra realistic 3d. I'm waiting for holographic television myself!
  • I went and saw Toy Story 2 in 3d at the weekend and frankly it was amazing! There was soooo much more detail than even HD, and the depth of picture was fantastic. That's where you saw the most difference, when there was a deep background. I haven't seen Avatar in it yet but I'm told that's breath-taking too. Imo 3d originally was a gimmick with things poking out of the screen towards to you, but it has developed so much more than that. The glasses i got were clear film so there was no colour distortion, and although everyone did look like a prat in the cinema, you're all in the same boat. I was tempted to go and watch the England vs Wales 6 Nations game in 3d, though I might now go to this to see what sport is like in it. As I say I was mightily impressed by Toy Story, so I for one am interested in what it's like.
  • I saw Up! and Toy Story at the cinema with my daughter and thought both were good but I didnt think the effects were as fab as everyone who seems to be getting on the bandwaggon seems to think they are.

    Bloody annoying if you ask me, have been looking into upgrading my 42" LCD 1080HD TV in recent weeks for when I move into my new place shortly, have been toying between a minimum 46" up to a 55" but then have also been looking at 1080HD Projectors, keeping the 42" on one wall and then having the ability to project up to 100" on the other wall so with this new technology just around the corner, is it really worth investing a lot of money in a new system to see it out of date in 6 months time.
  • Thats the problem though Johnnyboy , they'll probably be 4D or something next year . I bought my kids the DSi for christmas as it was the new one just out , and now in March they are bringing out the DSi XL ( bigger screen ) its impossible to keep up . Robbing bastards
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    Football is ideal for 3D TV because the only way you can see it in colour wearing opposed polaroid glasses is with a moving image (ie; Eastenders ages ago when the camara had to keep circling the respective actors...I use the term actors in the looses sense). The other system is a double perspective image in black and white whilst wearing red and green glasses. To see a 3D film in colour that doesnt have to move constantly, you need two projectors in your room.

    I hope I made that clear...
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  • Didn't SKY broadcast a 3D Robbie Williams concert on SKY HD last year? Also is 3D HD called 3HD?
  • Anyone know where in london they are doing this trial with the sunday game?
  • Perfect choice of clubs to attract the sort of arseholes who've never bothered to see a game in 3D before, y'know, by turning up to one.
  • Shag....the fourth dimension is a black hole, so only Palace available I'm afraid!
  • [cite]Posted By: InspectorSands[/cite]Perfect choice of clubs to attract the sort of arseholes who've never bothered to see a game in 3D before, y'know, by turning up to one.

    Spot on.

    On another note if this takes off I wonder if the IMAX in Waterloo will put on Millwall West Ham in a midnight showing.
  • Trouble is, though - with the 3D bins messing with your sense of perspective and whatever, there's going to be an awful lot of dropped and smashed pints.

    I can't think of anything worse than being in a pub full of southern Man Utd fans who *really* can't hold their drinks.
  • [cite]Posted By: C.Walsh'sLoveChild[/cite]Anyone know where in london they are doing this trial with the sunday game?

    London - The George (Liverpool St) London - Sirocco ( Soho)
  • My dads only got one eye after an accident so I don't think he gives a tinkers kiss about 3D... but then he does call the radio "The wireless" so quite old fashioned the thought of 3d tv maybe a step to far.
  • The latest fad on the media circus trail.......... Seeing that the BBC has taken 4 years to get 1HD channel working part of the time, this seems to be for a selective few......
    I had heard that Wimbeldon was going to get a trial and that there were 2 systems both requiring glasses. I am sure it will be impressive but it has taken years for the BBC to film everything in HD, what with there other commitments cannot see a
    fringe thing like this being a top issue at the bbc. So over to you sky..... and what cost ! besides the hardware etc....Is it not time that sky made HD free eh!.......
  • That's all we need, an imaginery 3d football flying around the bar knocking everybodies beer over...
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  • anyone got a decent link in english???
  • Wayne Rooney in 3D. Can't think of anything worse! Be interesting to see everyone duck when one of the players 'flob' one out.
  • watched the Manchester derby in the standard in 3D

    it doesn't jump out the screen at you more of a sinking into the screen kind of effect , the cameras are at different positions to the normal coverage (not much higher than pitch level) and the whole coverage is different as the sky 3D channel is a different channel.

    Got to say it's not something I would be willing to give sky any more money on top of the silly amount we already pay them .
  • was the magners man action in 3d ?
  • if only
  • i have been chuckling about that all day. Love stuff like that.
  • You sobered up yet?
  • not really no. Its sunday night.
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