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Gallas or Chelski- Who do we believe?

Reading this, I'm thinking who do i believe, a very well paid professional footballer, or a club with a reputation for getting exactly what they want.

If it is true it doesn't show Gallas in a very good light

For example,could/would a footballer be able to deliberately score an own goal in a competitive match?
But why issue the statement if it wasn't true?
What do others think??


  • He may have made the threats, but would he have actually followed them through ??

    Gallas seams like the petulant type, so maybe he was threatening some kind of silly actions toget his own way.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: DA_6[/cite]He may have made the threats, but would he have actually followed them through ??

    Gallas seams like the petulant type, so maybe he was threatening some kind of silly actions toget his own way.[/quote]

    I agree he does seem a moody petulant kind of guy, yet this statement is like a child trying to get his own back. He might well have fallen out with Mourinho et al, but do they really have to knife him when he has left it just shows the clubs lack of class. Plus I am not convinced by their words as they have a track record of lying and breaking rules.

    A decent club would have only gone as far as saying that the working relationship had broken down due to irreconcilable differences and it was the best for both parties that Gallas left.
  • The transfer of Ashley Cole to Chelsea has been the most long running and boring saga ever in the history of transfer negotiations and it looks as though Gallas and his desire to exit Stamford Bridge got caught up in that. Behind the secnes things seem to have gotten somewhat heated and maybe in the heat of the moment Gallas said something which when repeated somewhat later "cold" takes on a more sinister meaning. Remember not long ago the pictures of Reyes in I think the Sun, wearing a Real Madrid shirt with the story attached that he really, really wanted a transfer to that club? Those pictures were taken after the Arsenal-RM match last season when Arsenal won and one of the RM players had swapped shirts. Several months later they resurface and are used in conjunction with another story, the intention there was to make Reyes look like some kind of traitor. Ditto Gallas and his own-goal threat, context is everything, another case of a club, this time Chelsea, selectively leaking "facts" out of context to give a totally false impression.

    The expression storm in a tea-cup springs to mind...
  • Given that I wouldn't believe anything the Chelsea board or management said I obviously don't believe this either. They have been found out far too often with their dodgy business practices.

    The mouthpiece who has been speaking on the radio - SImon somebody or other - admits he wasn't at `the meeting' when this was supposed to be said and is only going on what Mourinho and his confederate say occurred. This, of course, is the same Mourinho who stated categorically that he had seen Frank Riijkaard talking to the referee at halftime in the Barca game and then had to admit that he had instead been told that someone had seen it happen!

    This statement really has nothing to do with giving information to Chelski fans other than it being a face-saving exercise by the board and management and everything to do with egos - and there are plenty of those at Stamford Bridge!
  • sporaddick: I like that picture you've got there! Poor chaps, look so sad ;-)
  • Yeah I know! I saved it after the cup game and it cheers me up on a bad day!
  • I just think chelsea have come out looking like immature kids in all this.

    i don't necessarily believe he said it, but even if he did, so what? he's gone, what is the point in issuing a statement. chelsea's ego once again got in the way of what was an already boring saga and are now stretching it out and becoming more and more annoying by the day

    also believe it pretty laughable at gallas apparently comments re arsenal being the best fans in the world. pffffffff. between arsenal and chelsea, neither of them are anything to be amazed at!
  • sporaddick, had that as a desktop pic for ages, fookin class.
  • Can someone be so kind and send it to me, a couple of chelski 'fan' mates would really appreciate!!

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    Cheers in advance!
  • Hi MCS - picture sent to you!
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  • Yeah I know - I keep thinking that I ought to have a big enlargement of Terry's face! Absolute picture!
  • Yeah its the best bit for sure, classic gutrot from old JT. You couldn't of painted it better!
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