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Chris Coleman....

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Can't he chew gum with his mouth shut?..


  • Another thing, can;t he moan about their injury problems without saying things like, "I'm not making excuses, that's not my style, ...... but".

    He did it twice last night, once before and once after the game - and without a hint of irony! Plum.
  • I really dislike Chris Coleman, something about him just makes me wish ill on him
  • Dyes his hair.
  • [cite]Posted By: paulbaconsarnie[/cite]ex palace

    One name: Pardew!
  • I wouldn't accept a lift off Chris Coleman, know that much
  • [cite]Posted By: F-Blocker[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: paulbaconsarnie[/cite]ex palace

    One name: Pardew!

    he saw the error of his ways and has corrected them ;-)
  • he saw the error of his ways and has corrected them ;-)
    has pardew resigned ;-)
  • i quite like the guy, think he normally speaks pretty honest.

    Can't imagine him being a technical genius, but wouldn't be too dis-satisfied if he managed us one day.
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  • I remember a game against Fulham in our Champioship winning season, evening game, Jan/Feb, think we won 1-0, he was so dirty, and sly with it.
  • I quite like him too - seems a pretty honest straight-forward guy, given his lack of experience elsewhere he is certainly doing very well for Fulham now Fayed's cash has run dry.
  • There still paying massive wages, the money hasn't quite gone
  • So are we.
  • Oh they pay far more then us, think Bullard was the prime example
  • edited December 2006
    I like Coleman, but I don't buy the holier-than-thou crap you get off Fulham fans, bearing in mind their money is at least as filthy as the stuff that's funding the club up the road from them (FFC was bailed out earlier this year by a loan from Harrods). They're just another rich man's plaything, as they'll find when Fayed fugs off.
  • Just said the most stupid thing on telly after Cov lost to Derby:

    "The linesman who said their goal had crossed the line, which maybe it did, disallowed our goal for offside; so where is the consistency?"

    What a bellend!
  • I thought the same, how thick can you get.

    It might be irony if the same linesman who controversially gives the other lot a goal, controversially doesn't give you lot a goal, but how is it inconsistency?!
  • I thought exactly the same. Not irony though, unless you're Alanis Morisette...
  • Was a stupid comment yesterday but I do not mind Coleman, did a fine job at Fulham and has done ok at Cov. Certainly as said above, would not object if he managed us one day.
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  • Resigned from wales to take Sunderland job hmmm why
  • Think he could do better to be honest.
  • Resigned from wales to take Sunderland job hmmm why

    BAD move... Was awful with Coventry and Real Sociedad when he was a club Manager - Wont be able to use the tactic of "Pass it to Gareth" at Sunderland
    Good at Fulham though.
  • edited November 2017
    A slightly strange choice of club for him to accept, Sunderland do have the smell of a club in decline, and until they get new owners you can see it getting worse before it gets better

    If Coleman had left Wales after the Euros, he could have got a PL job, but sometimes timing doesn't work out...indeed, if he had left Wales a bit earlier, I imagine that he would have been one of the favourites for the Palace job...
  • edited November 2017

    Think he could do better to be honest.

    I thought West Ham would have been good for him, and he would be better than Moyes
  • That job is poison
  • I like Sunderland but it's not a good job at the minute. Always thought he would leave Wales before the next qualification begins but surprised at this.
  • £1m bonus if he keeps them up.

    Pretty strong pull for a manager who rates himself.
  • Bonkers decision from Coleman, Sunderland nailed on to go down for me, Euro semi final to league 1 in 18 months.
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