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As it's Wednesday, and there's nothing much Charlton to talk about without yet again endlessly and mindlessly going over the same ground, we might as well miss out the sublime and go straight to the ridiculous:

This morning, what did you have for breakfast?

Me ......? I couldn't face it yet ....... but just had the perfect cup of black filter coffee.

Drinking instant coffee is like drinking industrial chemical lager.
Good filter coffee is like drinking the most perfectly conditioned flavoursome frothy ale straight from the pump.

See ...... I'm not only a beer snob, but a coffee snob too! ha ha



  • Coco Pops Mega Munchers....they make the milk turn chocolaty.
  • marmite and cheese on toast
  • Coffee, Rice Snaps (Tesco own brand - prefer them to the "real" thing), 2 toasted muffins and spread, coffee.
  • Bacon roll from sandwich shop and vending machine coffee at work.
    Dont understand caffeinistas who pay £2.50 for a coffee
  • A Cup of Industrial Chemical lager (Instant Coffee in Oggy's World)
  • Nothing yet - but I'm hanging for a cofee and bacon roll after my 10am meeting!
  • [cite]Posted By: Ketman[/cite]A Cup of Industrial Chemical lager (Instant Coffee in Oggy's World)

    LMAO, Ketters ....!
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    Two cups of tea, two weetabix with sliced banana on top and milk

    PS loose leaf tea made in a pot not tea bags. I'm a tea snob ; - )
  • Cheerios Cheerios Cheerios
  • Golden nuggets, thank god they started making them again, now i am dunking rich tea biscuits , must be reading bout food making me hungry!
    Wot`s for lunch anyone?
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  • I don't usually eat breakfast, gives me really bad wind.
  • Special K with some cut up strawberries chucked in
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]Special K with some cut up strawberries chucked in

    You on a diet, AFKA ....?

  • ok ok i know what you are going to say, but just on my third can of lager (5 more in the fridge) excuse is that i work nights or maybe im celebrating the investment take your pick ......oh well back to the fridge
  • Are you Off_it in disguise ?
  • As i leave the house at 5.20 i dont have time for breakfast. So i have to wait till 11 for my first break. And today i think i am going to get a nice sausage, 2 hash browns, beans, fried egg, fried tomato and a slice of toast. Lovely greasy building site food
  • Stop!now my stomach is rumbling, a fry up mmmmmmmmmmm
  • Cup of splosh, two weetabix with a handful of blueberries and a sliced up banana on top, skimmed milk. Lovely.
  • Some cheap brand version of Shreddies, hopefully they will keep my hunger locked up until lunch.
  • Sausage sandwich with brown sauce from the Picardy Cafe, Lower Belvedere.

    Bargain at £1.40.
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  • Toasted cheese and marmite ciabatta and mocha from Starbucks.
  • [cite]Posted By: Debbie[/cite]Stop!now my stomach is rumbling, a fry up mmmmmmmmmmm

    Did you have your fry up, Debbie ..... ?

  • I just did. Lovely
  • yes i did thanks, suppose i would have to call it any early lunch, cos i already had breakfast and then biscuits for early mid morning snack, suppose i can just deny why some sausages and bacon have mysteriously disappeared form our fridge. any ideas?
  • Nothing... i've bust my knee up in a freak fancy dress accident and am on crutches. I can't get ito the kitchen at home and the Mrs has no time to help as she's got the little one to get ready for nursery, I can't carry anything either so picking up a sarnie is out.

    I guess it's one way of losing weight.
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    Last nights Chinese left overs and a can of coke
  • This morning I have been mostly eating a bacon sarnie...
  • [cite]Posted By: CAFCBourne[/cite]Last nights Chinese left overs and a can of coke

    That is truly Disgusting Adam :-)
  • Big fat Kipper and a couple of wipers.
    Caught saturday, smoked Sunday, in my derby in approx 10 mins.
  • Fruit juice, muesli, two slices of wholemeal bread toast and a cup of tea.
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