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Last night, Mr Governor, my toilet

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...was broken into
Broken into?
Broken ... into
Well, I'm... terribly sorry.
There are some places which, to an Englishman, are sacred.
Well, I've apologised, Bridger
And so you should have. You are not doing your job properly. Her Majesty's prison is there not only to keep people getting out, but to prevent people getting in. You are symptomatic of the lazy, unimaginative management which is driving this country on the rocks.
Well... is there anything else?
No, thank you, Governor.
By the way, Mr Bridger, did you happen to recognise the man who so rudely interrupted you?
I've never seen him before in my life.


  • The Italian Job obviously! The original of course, not that rubbish re-make they made a few yeas ago.

    Love John Le Mesurier in this scene, very Sergeant Wilson sounding here.
  • You can laugh, but all that malarky eventually led to me and my coach hanging over a cliff in Italy. I'm still waiting for the insurance to pay out... "Using the vehicle for purposes other than for which it was intended" indeed.
  • Hey William, I hope you didn't nip out the door of the coach and leave Charlie Croker and his crew just hanging about!
  • Tommy,
    Charlie was doing the whip round for the driver when we went over that cliff... I thought with all that bullion on board I might do better than the usual seven and six I normally got, but in the end all I got was a bill from the Italian branch of the RAC.
  • I saw the new itailian job a few weeks back and thought it was quite good but should have been called something else as at had nothing to do with the original
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