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Trainers - Whats "cool"

Not worn trainers for years. Bit of a middle aged old f*rt.

My daugher though has told me I must buy a pair. Any suggestions? Nothing flash - just a good walking shoe.

Dont want to get a pair and then be for ever told by my daughter they are not "cool"!!


  • welll....

    firstly, whats important is you daughters view so all decisions must be consulted with her before a purchase...

    This is a project for you and your daughter ... get online with her and go through it together......

    my gears all a bit flash ; )

    I Like a bit of adidas, converse, stan smith..... that sort of stuff
  • Umm, old school is the cool at the mo, retro trainners such as reebok and old version of nike air max have been re-releasd so there up there, u could go for a nice pair of addidas as I do stan smiths or forrest hills, don't buy lonsdale or anything under 30 notes as u will just look like a jeremy kyle cast off. Personally I would go for a nice pair of 3 stripes I have a pair of air max but there a tad clumpy. Go on line shop around, get mine from littlewoods as most shops don't stock13's.
  • These are smart. Adidas Superstar 80s.
  • You cant go wrong with Reebok Classics, pure white, no logos, that's all I wear generally, or I wear black & white converse now & then.
  • classics man myself : adidas gazelle white though with colour stripes look good .
  • [cite]Posted By: falconwood_1[/cite]These are smart. Adidas Superstar 80s.[div class=Attachments id=Attachments_502843 noWrap=false][ul compact=false][div noWrap=false]G03174_F_t2.jpg[/div][/ul][/div]

  • Men over 45 shouldn`t wear white trainers. Locked on fact !
  • Diadora Borg Elites or Nike Tennis Classic
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: ShootersHillGuru[/cite]Men over 45 shouldn`t wear white trainers. Locked on fact ![/quote]

    So true. In fact any white trainers or at any age

    Campers work for older discerning man.

    Cool, comfortable and prohibitively expensive so you never see them being sold for £15 in Sports Direct.
  • They're called 'campers' for a reason
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  • oh dear!
  • Yes, they are and it works.

    A bit like the Simpsons of the shoe world. Brilliant but not everyone gets it.
  • Converse are the way forward. Can be brought cheap off Amazon as well.
  • old style adidas for me, must be (mainly) stupid colours (in the same way that football boots must be (mainly) black
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: falconwood_1[/cite]Cool.[div id=Attachments_502893 class=Attachments][ul][div]socks.jpg[/div][/ul][/div][/quote]

    If you say so. If that look suits you and you think you can carry it off then go for it.
  • visit and make your own. Can even personalise them with words etc. Can choose colour of laces, colour of flash etc. Get your daughter to design them and se can't complain then.
  • You could do a lot worse than a nice pair of Paul Smith trainers.
    I have got the ones called Paul Smith Rabiit - they are really smart, with a brogue design on them

    Paul Smith trainers
  • Get yourself a pair of Tigers pal.
  • New Balance for me at the moment
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  • just all so surreal
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]New Balance for me at the moment[/quote]


    Otherwise it's Adidas; Forest Hills or Italias.
  • I'm a fan of lacostes myself, especially at this time of year, they tend 2 go well with shorts unlike some of the larger soled shoes mentioned earlier. Pumas look alright too but I can never find any that fit me cos I got quite wide feet.
  • Get yourself to Bluewater, invest in a pair of white tennis shoes in the region of 45-55 sovs and you won't go far wrong.

    Addidas, Fred Perry, K-Swiss or Nike ones are all decent looking and go well with most of what you decide to cover your legs with
  • Converse, very popular on the Rockabilly scene, as they originated in America in the 50's

  • rather like those Da9 , but in sure i have seen you in a pair with blue suede !
  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]rather like those Da9 , but in sure i have seen you in a pair with blue suede !

    Defo not, rockabilly, not teddy boy
  • saw Imelda May last weekend, she was very good
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: DA9[/cite]You cant go wrong with Reebok Classics, pure white, no logos, that's all I wear generally, or I wear black & white converse now & then.[/quote]


    Old School Adidas all the way

    Gazelle best trainer ever only have 4 pairs in 4 colours
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Salad[/cite]saw Imelda May last weekend, she was very good[/quote]

    Sh'es playing with Jeff Beck at Indig0. Like her a lot.
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