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scary stuff?

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Is it just me or are the roads and transport less bus recently, our company seems quieter recently too.


  • its absoultly dead where i work, no atmosphere at all... but then i am the resident cleaner of the nasa international space station...


  • Its so quiet here its unbelievable the only call i get is from reps trying to sell to me!! Its not looking good.
    The roads I left at 8.30am to go round the M26 onto M25 to swindon 1 hold up all the way for a little accident at clacketts
  • I've noticed mainly the roads since I've been back cycling this week and a bit of last, trains seemed just as full
  • i have noticed this as well the tube i get never used to get a seat now have plenty to choose from
  • Just as packed on my train and tube every day - morning and evening. Still the same amount of stupid tossbags with their wally trolleys at Victoria every day.
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