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Last day of the transfer window thread

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Post all done deals and speculation here.

Has Euell signed for Boro yet ?


  • never seen petrov play. Is he really worth 6.5m ??

    Expect Malbranque and Chimbonda to join Spurs today. In fact, expect Spurs to be the most active club in the market today.
  • It seems that Marcus Bent's transfer to Birmingham has fallen through...but Man city are interested. I guess Dowie is looking to make sure he's gone before getting a replacement in.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite] In fact, expect Spurs to be the most active club in the market today.

    Or Middlesborough?
  • Of what I've seen of Petrov I think he'll do ok in the EPL, but for that money he should. He also has the advantage of having worked with Martin O'Neill at Celtic.
  • M Bent to Man City as a replacement for Cole who is off to the retirement home on the south coast.

    I guess we'll see a replacement in?
  • its madness that everything should boil down to one day, but it does give it a bit of a Christmas feel.

    If big Bent goes, go for Brian McBride. I could see Fulham selling for the right price and he could be what we need for our squad.
  • Today i'd be happy with the following:

    1.) A central "box-to-box" midfielder
    2.) A striker (if M.Bent goes)
    3.) A striker even if he doesnt
    4.) Maybe another left back for cover

    (I dont think there is a real need for another CB to be honest considering Gibbs and Sorondo will be back in a couple of months. We've seen that Faye is more than capable if the worst comes to the worst)
  • I can't see them throwing money at one of the young players like Colins John, Nugent. So a cheap option like Mcbride might be the route forward

    I'd have thought Rossi was a good shout but he's off to the barcodes perhaps someone else on loan?
  • i'm suprised Man U would be willing to loan to Newcastle, i would of thought they would of been 'too big a club' to loan players to.
  • Even if M Bent doesn't leave surely we still need a striker ?, JFH won't play in every game and that leaves M Bent and Misbie !! as our only options.....god help us if Baby Bent gets injured with that back-up !!

    another striker please (probably a loan) and an attack minded central midfielder please and I'll be more than happy...
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  • Tevez and Mascerano have signed for West Ham on a year loan

  • West ham set to sign Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano from Corinthians on a season long loan. SKY SPORTS

  • interesting to see whether Reo Coker is off. It'll also be relly interesting to see how Pardew gets on with the very volitile Tevez. Exciting signings and a real coup but i wonder why Europeans elite didn't take their reported interest further.
  • Not going to believe it until i see it on our official site, but blimey indeed if this comes off!!!
  • As long as it works out better than when Millwall signed those two Russian superstars!
  • It'll be interesting to see how West Ham get on with the Work Permits for these two, one of the reasons cited for us not getting a WP for Bolanos was that he was only on loan and not a purchase.
  • Even if they don't get the permits, it stops other teams getting them...
  • There will be no problem with Permits, both are playing for Argentina and valued at £15million each. Both are widely rated as 2 of the best young players in the world and their weekly salary will reflect this. Even if they don't fit the initial criteria 75% of games played in last 2 years they will walk an appeal... even for a loan.

    They are very differnt to signing a young Costa Rican for 2million with a years loan upfront.
  • There won't be time for an appeal if they don't get a work permit today, however you would have thought the process had already been started if they announced them (same as Bolanos, all the paper work was with the home office prior to our original announcement, then it was just a case of waiting for a decision)
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  • Where are West Ham getting the money from?? Is Terence Brown printing his own money or something?
  • They don't need a WP to complete the signing in line with the transfer window. You can sign the player regardless... whether you can actually play them is a different matter :-)

    I can't see WH forking out £30million next year for the pair of them.
  • looks like the company that owns them is effectively going to roadshow them to Europe for a year.

    Still a win / win for Wham as far as i can see.

    Expect Spurs to gazump them this afternoon !
  • If they sell Defoe and do they have some money from Spurs for selling on Carrick at a massive profit? If so then that might off-set much of the cost.
  • I still think we'll be getting a couple more in before deadline, let's be patient guys & gals..!
  • Is that a little bit of "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" from your dad Ketman?
  • Cole has been confirmed as going to the south coast retirement home on a 2 year deal... Bent To Man City?
  • James Milner in talks with Villa.
  • The company with the "rights" to tevez & Mascherano are MSI, the same company that were interested in putting a take-over bid in for us a few years back....
  • Roman Abramovich also owns 15% of the company i think.

    Of course it's not dodgy!!
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