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Ipswich away in the play off

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Probably the best away atmosphere i've ever experienced with Charlton.

Before the game the announcer was going round the stands getting them singing 'singing the blues' yet we drowned out all three stands with VFR.

kevin nicholls was in with the away fans and got thrown out by the police !

who else was at this one, what do you remember, and what was the name of the Ipswich left back who had his nose broke by Neil Heaney ? Its bugging me...


  • Jamie Clapham !!!!!!

    Yep was there and was in the Station after .... if you remember that.
  • wasn't Clapham, was an Argentian.
  • Do you remember the 4-4 Ipswich away (boxing day?) game? That was amazing for the times we were in. Dont think we took more than 150 hundred anywhere that season but for some reason we took about 3,000 there that day. We were evryfcuking where!!
  • Yep was there too!

    Excellent atmosphere but gotta say Liverpool away in the cup when we drowned out Stan Boardman's cockney jokes at ht , forcing him to wave his white hankie and walk off the pitch, has gotta be the best atmosphere Ive experienced.
  • Mario Tarrico was who Heaney did
  • Yeah all of those were excellent, but what about Selhurst in 95/96 Wimbledon in the league cup we won 5-4 at Selhurst and then a 3-3 draw at home sealed it!!!

    Just remember Bowyer giving it large to Vinny Jones!! He had him on the floor!!

    What a great game, real eb and flow very hard to beat.
  • Who scored the goals? Leaburn was in there with Bowyer i think? Did Jamie Stuart get one?
  • Peter Garland smashed one in from miles that night
  • Fatty Garland!
  • [cite]Posted By: AppyAddick[/cite]Fatty Garland!

    Now manager at Greenwich Borough
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  • Just looking up some old players from the same squad.

    Jamie Stuart at Grays

    Kim Grant Gravesend and Northfleet

    Carl Leaburn was at Grays

    Stuart Balmer St Mirren

    Alan Pardew (we all know where he is)
  • Was at the game - a brilliant atmosphere & there was good old ding dong going on outside as we left the ground.

    I also remember walking past the AntiGallican on the way into the 2nd leg & the Ipswich fans were giving it large to all & sundry, a bit quieter as they were bussed out down Woolwich Road afterwards with hordes of Charlton fans politely(!) gesturing to them from the pavements.

    Great days.
  • Remember a great save from Sasa and later on "he broke your nose, he broke your nose, heaney borke your nose". Curbs tells this story in his book. One of the best bits.

    Lots of Ipswich in the pub before hand saying how they would win 4-0 and in the street afterwards walking back to the car was "interesting!". And their faces in the away end when Newts scored in the 2nd leg!

    Didn't go to the 4-4 but was there for the 5-1 and a Leaburn hatrick. Voice of the Valley reported that it's star columnist had been taken ill with a suspected heart attack.
  • I was in Italy for the first leg of the play off Final (Verona) in some Irish pub, half-way through the second half the power went, the fuse was re-set then a few minutes later it went again, and this happened a couple more times, and every time we lost a couple of minutes of the match, and every minute seemed like an hour...and to compound it they had Alan Brazil constantly talking up Ipswich on the commentary, the [email protected]

    The atmosphere for the second leg was unbelievable, one of the best I've experienced at the Valley and when Newt cut in from the right and scored I remember the East Stand going up in relief rather than celebration. A great goal to seal the tie.
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