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bolton - was dowie unsporting when he played 2 men upfront

when we were down to 10 men ?...poor old bolton were forced to keep 5 at the back at times, completely reversing the one man advantage they had me why they haven't moaned about that as well...and its out of order elbowing somebody in the face, full stop, whether deliberately, accidently or repeatedly accidently, either way its got to be a red card imho...and maybe anelka could have got a hat-trick with the chances bolton created but somehow i think if he was really that good he wouldn't have been available to have just signed for bolton...i was well impressed with all the charlton players on saturday particularly reid, a fact i've taken great delight in passing on to spurs mates this for carson, he should be the first choice for the full england squad, not the u-21's...young gets better and better and the unsung hero for saturday has to be jfh, directing play in the second half and keeping the bolton defence second guessing all the time...


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    and breathe !!

    i'm sure Fat Sam will add it to his list of excuses in future.

    Not sure i agree with you about JFH. if you feel that way, i'd suggest you complete the player ratings post, he could do with a pick up.
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