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Steve Bennett

Did anyone see the Wolves "winner" against Coventry on the box this morning?

For those who didn't; Ebanks-Blake was behind the goal line when another Wolves player shot towards goal, the ball was parried, and E-B ran back on and nudged the ball over the line.

Referee Steve Bennett's explanation was that as his momentum carried him off the pitch he was not active and therefore not offside when the ball was kicked.

Coleman and the refreshingly honest Mick McCarthy (Wenger - take note) both declared their bafflement at the decision and the explanation.

Bearing in mind at Euro 2008 there was the goal scored by the Dutch against France (I think), where an injured defender lying behind the goal line was deemed to have played an attacker onside, this makes no sense at all.

Is there anyone with a decent knowledge of the laws on here who can shed any light on whhich was the correct decision?


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    It's a definite grey area. Hard to know if a player is offside or interfereing if off the field of play. There is no part of the law that deals with it as far as I know. It's all to do with the momentum part really. How do you deem a player interfering or not, injured or not when off the field of play and a goal is scored in seconds? It's a very hard one.
  • Similar thing happened with Fiorentina at Lyon last month, Fiorentina player went down with head injury (should have been stopped anyway because of that) play continued and apparantly was playing a Lyon striker onside. You would think after 1 of these sorts of incidents a rule would be brought in about it but no the goerning bodies of football decide to not bother and let these things keep on happening
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