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Beard related problem

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The problem first occured in the Central pub at westham

The problem is this, now i have my beard at optimum length, the tache part of it just edges over my toplip, thus making the drinking of beer with a bit of froth on top a real nightmare! I have options, do i......

1, Trim it
2, Leave it
3, carry a mini tache hanky
d, stop drinking lager/beer and drink pints of wine instead
e, just leave froth on tache
5, Dye my tache only white, thus leaving said froth invisible to the human eye (dogs & ferrets will still see it)

Obviously this is a major thing, so answer wisely.

Thanks Oll


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    trim it so you don't look like a homeless person that cant afford trimmers??
  • Sell more Big Issues by Ottakars at lunch in Greenwich, and buy some trimmers in Boots?
  • I'd go for the dye mate.
  • Grow it longer, then there's more hair to absorb the excess beer.
  • give it a good run for a month, and purchase a good quality curly-wurly straw for your beer !
  • grow a bigger one mate...and drink lots more beer....killer got away with it for years...
  • keep your head shaved and leave the facial hair alone, coupla years you'll be in zz top.
  • [cite]Posted By: les_says[/cite]keep your head shaved and leave the facial hair alone, coupla years you'll be in zz top.

    hehehe, leave it for a Poly Reunion, then you can get proper ruined by Wallace and my brother
  • Lol nice one les_s

    Yeah as if those two have to wit to ruin me!!! I am far superior in the ruining stakes! On the other hand i can also run faster than both!

    Re-union, you organising one then??
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  • Killersbeard, if i could grow one like killer i would be famous i am sure of it!
  • You better hope you can run faster, cause when they catch you, you'll be dead.

    I might get in touch with the school, and Belmarsh
  • Leave it to grow........ Go for the Ginger Bin Laden look.

    Then when bits of food drop out of your mouth they get caught in the beard and you'll be able to snack on the move!
  • How about waxing the tache part into a handlebar stylee. That way it's heading towards your ears not your beers.

    I'll get me coat.
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