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Mark Thatcher

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what did he do to get a Knighthood apart from the obvious??


  • hereditary peerage from his old man it seems..
  • If wasn`t for him, TomTom sat nav wouldn`t have been invented ;-)
  • the man is scum
  • You've got to admire a toff who thinks he can start a revolution in an African dictatorship though.

    He was like The A Team in reverse. I loved the way his little group all grassed each other up.
  • Great documentary on Thatchers rise to Tory leadership last night on BBC4, reminded me of Aerey Neave (sic), who got blown to bits by the IRA car bomb, my grandad was mentioned in his autobiography as they were in the same platoon in the war together.
  • Normally retiring politicians are only given life peerages, which Maraget Thatcher received. She though asked/demanded/wanted a herditary peerage, but even if she was given this a woman cannot pass on a hereditary peerage. The way out was to give her a life peerage and Denis Thatcher a Baronetcy which comes with the honorouly and herditary title "sir" which Mark T inherited when Denis T died. He once trousered a fortune after getting involved as a middle man selling arms to Saudi Arabia (the al-Yamamah deal). I wonder how he got that gig? He was also arrested in South Africa for getting involved in some crime. Personally I blame his parents for the way he turned out.
  • The trial of the ex SAS guy has started in Guinea. On TV 2 nite he basically buried Mark Thatcher. This guy was already done 4 years will probably get life and Thatcher walked away.

    In this weeks History of Modern Britain (great series). The last statement i couldnt agree with " no matter what we think of her few are all today are the children of Maggie Thatcher " !!!!! f**k that i would have left home if i had known.
  • !!!!! f**k that i would have left home if i had known.


    Actually you'd now be Sir Goonerhater if you were her son.
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