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Henk Ten sacked

revolving door at chelsea aint it


  • pathetic
  • Yawn....

    You cannot buy class.
  • So Frank Rikjaard is well and truly out of the race

    Felipe Scolari will get it for me
  • Mark Hughes would be a good choice. He has done an amazing job at Blackburn.
  • Blackburn at the Valley a few years back were absolutely awful, under Souness. Thought there was no way they wouldn't go down, after flirting with the bottom half of the table a few years in a row. We were on the up and really looking to push on and consolidate towards the "top half of the top half" of the table. Hughes came in on the back of relative success with Wales and now look. We're down and they've had a renaissance. Buggers! Shame their attendances are so pathetic. Hughes deserves all the plaudits he receives.
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