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Grant Gone

Ok its not a major surprise but Avram Grant has been sacked by Chelsea
Grant Goes


  • no class that club.
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]no class that club.

    Never a truer word
  • Runners up in the Prem & Runners up in the European Cup (or whatever they call it these days) ........and still sacked.
    Would he have still been sacked if Terry had scored his penalty - and Chelsea had won the thing?

    Pards, you don't know how lucky you are to be at Charlton ........

  • Blimey, I thought you meant Basey. :(
  • What a joke
  • Ian Holloway sacked by Leicester too...

    Grant was only ever a short-term fill in after Mourinho left, but had done enough to save his job - all he did wrong was take Man U to penalties in a CL Final and were one miss-kick away from winning it and they took Man U to the last game of the Prem season. For that he loses his job.
  • Quite pleased. I think they've peaked, and it'll be all downhill from here as Mourinho nicks off with their players and they have to rebuild. Bye bye chelsea. Couldn't quite match United could you? Difference between Bobby Charlton and Peter Kenyon epitomises those two clubs. I have no love for Man United, but you can admire them. Chelsea? No class whatsoever. I look forward to seeing them fail again next year, and ever after.
  • I was just watching Setanta Sports news and they had messages from fans going across the bottom of the screen - this one caught my eye!

    'I can't believe Chelsea sack Grant - we'll have him down at Charlton, they can have Pardew, come on Charlton Board - get in Grant!' from J Acworth
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Alan Pardew's Red and White Army
  • lol, brilliant
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  • Disgraceful behaviour by Chelsea, just shows money does not buy integrity . The more they do this the less likely managers will be to accept the job (despite huge payoff), hope they fail miserably next season - will serve them right
  • I dont understand Runners up in Premiership, League cup and European cup all orchestrated from a "fill-in manager".
    God knows whats Chelseas problem is give him another seasons and they might have won something, oh well their loss were happyish with Pards and his Red and WHite Army!
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