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The Who live from The Valley 1974

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Just found this audio bootleg of the above concert floating around on the internet.

So for those who were there, or wished they could have been there - here it is & the sound quality of the recording is good.

Side One

01. Young Man Blues
02. Behind Blue Eyes
03. Pinball Wizard
04. See Me, Feel Me
05. Magic Bus
06. My Generation
07. Substitute
08. I'm A Boy
09. Tattoo
10. Boris The Spider

Side Two

01. Drowned
02. Bell Boy
03. Dr. Jimmy
04. Won't Get Fooled Again
05. Summertime Blues
06. Baba O'Riley
07. Naked Eye\Let's See Action
08. My Generation

password to open the files is pg


  • cheers, I was there and will delve into this later, have also got the Who dvd with shots from the concert.
  • Will be listening tonight - Mucho gracious.

    Once played Baba O'reilly at full blast to an empty stadium - think some of the locals had nervous flashbacks.
  • So, where was this 'floating around' the Internet then?
  • Was there .my fav band at The valley it couldnt get any better.

    Lou Reid caned off stage
    Mary Bell split her hand open on a tamberin and had to go off
    Lindisfarn were good

    walked all way back to Bexleyheath one ofthose great hot summer nites.
  • Yes, I remember it well - I was there too. It was unusual in those days to see any talent on the pitch.
  • i was only 5 and unaware of it
  • You could hear it from Shooter's Hill!

    I didn't go because I played cricket back then and had a match.
  • Thats great cheers Oakster - Great memories, like GH - my favourite band and at the Valley - magic!
  • Great band .....fact, locked on etc.....and I can say I attended both gigs at the valley.

    This is difficult but out of the 18 songs which one is your favourite. I must admit I find this very difficult but have dwindled it down to Won't get fooled again, Behind blue eyes and Magic bus. I thought they played 5.15 but would that have been the other gig?
  • "This is difficult but out of the 18 songs which one is your favourite."

    Won't get fooled again (by a country mile)

    Have had the pleasure of seeing them live several times over the years, although not this one (I was only 6)
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    Wont get fooled again. Daltreys scream is something else.

    Loved Quadrophinia thought it was much better than Tommy.

    "zoot suit,side burns 5" long, im out on my scooter moving along, dressed right for a street fight, but i just cant explain this uncertain feeling still here in my brain"

    saw them twice at The Valley once at Wembley.
  • [cite]Posted By: thai malaysia addick[/cite]So, where was this 'floating around' the Internet then?

    Thai - I'll send you the link for the website tonight - there's loads of this type of stuiff on the net. is a good place to start if you can get yourself signed up (its usually oversubscribed).
  • cheers for this Oakster - not totally my bag, but it'll be an interesting listen. Hard to imagine that happening nowadays!
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    my mum was there.
  • Thanks Oakster - great listen!

    I went to both concerts and I think the first was probably the best of the two with an excellent line-up.

    I thought Bad Company were really good - i think this may have been their first proper gig since forming - and Humble Pie were a very hard act for the Who to follow!

    Hard to believe it's all those years ago - makes you feel really old but I wouldn't have missed those days for the world!The place was packed to the rafters and there were thousands of those chemical light things waving about when it got dark! Great memories!
  • my mum was there pete townsend is a nice man,real salt of the earth
  • "Humble Pie were a very hard act for the Who to follow!"

    Humble Pie were a great band. Saw (& met) Steve Marriot at The Tramshed in the early 80's and saw the reformed Humble Pie at the Steve Marriot tribute concert at The Astoria about 7 years ago.
  • You're right Dave - and Humble Pie were possibly the first of the `supergroups' I imagine.

    I saw Steve Marriott shortly before he died - he was playing at a pub in Kennington with his band - Steve Marriott's Packet of Three - referring to three in the band of course. I think because he was known mainly for his vocals many people underestimated his talent as a guitarist because he was very good at that too IMHO. Marriott and Frampton - great pairing!
  • Won't get fooled - the scream - definitely the best

    Followed by Baba O'Reilly

    plus I have a soft spot for Bellboy!
  • It was Bad Company's first gig and I remember them turning up late so they actually had a later slot than intended. Great day, though I was with a friend (he was the driver) who insisted on leaving before the end to miss the traffic! Just like leaving 5 minutes before the final whistle at a match. That's my only disappointing memory of that day.
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  • Memories

    Some great memories on here for those of you that went and for those that didnt.
  • The '76 concert was (and possibly still is) the loudest concert ever.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite][url=]Memories[/url]

    Some great memories on here for those of you that went and for those that didnt.

    I still have my ticket stub and a badge of the gig.
  • £4 a ticket! Times have changed!
  • Went to both gigs, as a local kid bunked in and out all day!
  • Went in 76 but was too young for 74. Missed the great Lou Reed but pearls before swine by the sounds of it.

    I will have a listen.

    AppyAddick was a roadie that day I believe. Still has his stage pass. Would love to here his version of events on here.
  • Lou Reed "the daddy of Punk" came out possibly pissed but wasnt up for it started to spit (daddy of punk) at people in the front. They caned him off stage the final can being a Jack Pot Four !!!!

    Best bit was when during one Who track (Wont get fooled again ?) they turned the flood lights on and you saw 70,000 people clapping in time (not the usual happy Valley clappyBollox). I think the only thing i have seen near that was Queen on the Live Aid gig when Wembley was clapping along to Radio Ga GA.
  • "I think the only thing i have seen near that was Queen on the Live Aid gig when Wembley was clapping along to Radio Ga GA."

    I was at the Live Aid gig and the only reason I got a ticket was because I thought it would be my first and last chance to see The Who!
  • Went to both - great gigs and memories.

    The Who are way up there as one of the best live bands ever.

    Sensational Alex Harvey Band were also excellent.

    Share the magic!
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