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I don't care. Ok we are not going up, but I don't care. I watched a game that had more excitement in the second half than we had had since the Palace game combined, so i don't care if we lost, because I'll be there for the next game (OK I won't but thats because of work), I'll be there for Coventry and I'll be there for the 1st game of next season, with my shiny new thick season ticket, to accompany my new enthusiasm and optimism and now I'm working in the midlands I'll go to a few mid week away games and I'll sing Valley Floyd Road and the Red Red Robin and I'll go home happy and I'll go home sad and whether we go up or we go down I'll be there for the rest of my life, which I hope is at least 20 more seasons. Its not my religion, its just fun and I won't take it too seriously cause seriousness is about employment - I got down to my last £1,000 before I got a new job recently, family health - my friends daughter of 18 has just been dignosed with cancer and has 42 weeks of intesive therapy ahead of her and friendship on here, in the Rose of Denmark, people I hjave known for years... thats reality, I go to the Valley and even when I've come away moaning, Its still been fun.


  • Good post Kap

    Ive been a bit miserable since last night. I really thought in that second half we were going to sneak the winner.

    Down to Plymouth next weekend and there is still that chance.
  • Kap,

    Good post. I'm still hurting from Saturday but your post put things in a bit of perspective.

    Glad to hear things are looking up and you can afford some new cardigans : - )

    Good luck to your friend's daughter as well.
  • Have read a series of excellent, well constructed posts this morning, and that one is the pick of the bunch.

    Well done Kap, thank you for posting that. Hope everyone gets to read it.
  • The problem as I see it is that 10-15 years ago the majority of our support was of that view, now it's the minority that thinks like that and the majority boo if we're not beating a team higher than us in the league at half time. How can we change that? It seems like we need a couple of seasons in this league or lower to readjust expectations (or at least shed the fickle fans who seem to have asssociated themselves with the club), so that people can realise that we are where we are for a reason (the reason being that we're not good enough!)
  • I think the problem is that over the seven seasons in the Premiership we lost a lot of supporters from the eighties and earl nineties due to the sterilty of the premiership and knew how to support Charlton. now we have a load of 15-25 year olds who only knew Charlton as a Premeirship club, and seem to think it a god given wright to be in the Premiership. They have no patience with the idea of building a team up again and so get frustrated at every defeat.
    Because of this I reckon that next years average gate will be around the 15k mark, which will further hidden the ckibs rebuild.
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