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Typical BBC

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Every championship match report is now on the BBC sport website, except...... you've guessed it, ours.

The QPR game finsished a long time after ours and that's up.



  • Very frustrating dave, but tonight the goals were on ssn straight away, can't win eh?
  • They'd blatantly already written one thinking it was gonna be a 0-0
  • Get it off Sporting Life instead - you'll rarely got more than four paragraphs for a Championship report on BBC Sport, and I think it's just the same agency stuff that Sporting Life uses anyway.
  • See Dan Roan has got himself into some hot water for comments made whilst standing next to the Leicester tragedy memorial.
  • edited October 2018
    I love how the Sun are caning Roan but they had this headline up yesterday...

  • Bit un PC title :wink:

    whats next BBW...
  • Bit un PC title :wink:

    whats next BBW...

    What do you expect? The thread was started by Mehmet!! :wink:
  • PaddyP17 said:

    Nearly flagged you for abuse there mate until I realised it wasn't actually you who wrote the headline...

    Anyway, boycott the S*n. Simple. They're an odious publication.

    I dont usually read it at all, but my iPhone's news section threw up an article about Glenn Hoddle and read that and this piece was linked at the bottom!
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