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What you getting for Xmas?


  • WTF ????

    I want a millenium falcon,
    hands solo
    bmx after burner
    rubiks cube
    commodore 64 - with Graeme Gooch's Test Cricket
    The Topical Times annual
  • My two front teeth?
  • All I want for Christmas is you...and you...and you...and you...*continue to fade*...

    Mariah Clarey
  • Mariah Carey do you mean ? I'd prefer Christina Aguilara or better still The PussyCat Dolls.
  • [cite] Oracle:[/cite]Mariah Clarey

    I would have thought Julian Clary would have been more your thing R.....
  • Large: Does Madame Large know of these fetishes? As if you'd have the choice LOL. 'Sorry Maria but I'm taken by Christina.'
    Having just read about Elthamaddick's troubles today and the readiness of advice at hand I think that the only thing most people on this site will be getting is pissed.....followed by married 4 weeks later for me!
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Roland Out!