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Slowness of the board

edited October 2006 in Troubleshooting
Ive noticed in the last few days the board can be frustratingly slow on occasions. are these problems going to be fixed or shall i take my services back to net addicks?


  • What are these "services"?. lol
  • i've found it slow the last couple of days as well.

    Will flag it for Lookout, though i'll do it without the stropiness :-)
  • Well Martin Simons and Derek Ufton are getting on a bit but otherwise I think your criticism is very unfair. You should see the way they move to the bar or buffet.
  • i saw mr ufton on sunday and didnt see him shift to the bar at all.

    whereas if Mr Simons had bothered to show up i would have gotten him in a headlock until he bought me one... the cheeky little chappie.
  • Mr Simons a Beer monster if I ever I saw one...!
  • what has happened to netaddicks? Really has gone down the pan. Threads like 'I wet the bed' really does sum up the imbiciles on there. Why AFKA has posted a link to his latest article I'll never know. If any of them work out how to get to it they won't be able to read it anyway.
  • I seem to be having issues regarding the site as well.

    Every click to a different thread, etc takes about 30 seconds for it to have a think about it and then deliver the page?

    I know it's not my connection because the rest of the Internet is running up fine on the 8meg line - just feels like i'm on 56k (doh!).

    EDIT: - its not just on the forum either - its across the whole domain - if this helps?
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