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D Day



  • one of those days that if the Allied mission had failed to achieve its goals, the world would probably be a very different place today .. so many brave young men died and so many more lived to tell their tales .. as said, a pivotal day in world history
    The Iron Curtain would have started at Calais. 
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    Jerusalem war cemetary is near Tilly in Normandy where a battle raged for 14 days. Two of the regiments involved were the Sherwood Forresters and the 24th Lancers. The latter regiment was disbanded at Jerusalem crossroads due to the heavy losses with survivors, including my father, going on to join other regiments. There are several of the regiment buried at Jerusalem cemetary 
    There are more Durham Light Infantry soldiers buried there than any other unit (24) and 3 Lancers. Just finished at the service there

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    My great uncle typically of my family arrived the following day. Joke in the family is that he over slept. 

    He was in the navy so maybe that's why. 

  • Both my grandads were engineers. One worked at the ford plant in Romford. Was an ARP warden outside of work. The other was at farmer's in Lewisham. I know they did war work but never found out if either were involved when it came to the machinery and the landing craft for d day. They certainly were involved in other areas. 
    Never got the chance to ask either about it. 

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