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Bournemouth Addicks

Hi guys,

not posted for a while. As of June 30th ill be living in Bournemouth and was wondering if anyone from CL travelled up to the valley on matchdays or travels to away games from Bournemouth?

If you do id be more than happy to share lifts/petrol expenses to SE7 and back.

let me know if you do, i dont fancy the train/car journey on my own every week :)




  • CAFC Polo and his family drive up from B'mouth, and i think Les Addicks is based back there as well.
  • Hi


    I'm an 'exiled' Addick, moved to Bournemouth 3 or so years ago from Kent.

    I'll be making a number of trips to the Valley next season, coupled with some aways too. Usually drive up with another mate from Southampton.
  • Oh I see, we're "stealing" Bournemouth fans aswell now are we ?
  • Every little helps
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