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EFL -Clubs who fail to pay players on time could face points deductions

English Football League clubs could be docked points if they fail to pay players on time under new regulations.

EFL sides must now "self-report" a failure to pay players' wages within two working days of the scheduled date of payment.

Clubs falling foul of the rules are unable to register players until wages are paid but could now also be punished by "multiple points deductions".

The change was approved at Thursday's EFL extraordinary general meeting.

Also at the EGM, clubs agreed to open the EFL summer domestic transfer window in line with the international transfer window.

That means the window will open 12 weeks before the closure of the registration window instead of the day after the end of the season.


  • But any punishment will only be enforced years after the deed
  • But any punishment will only be enforced years after the deed
    Why do you think that?
  • EFL look at serious problem in funding clubs and how to regulate careless/feckless/cynical owners.

    "About time" "progress?"

    Erm, no.  EFL come up with something that sounds a bit like action but they know full well is just so much effete lip-service gutless insincere bullshit.


    The flagrant rule breaking club owners will rip off all sorts of legitimate creditors and renege on whomever they choose, almost without consequence.  The players are the very last creditor they're going to fleece, obviously.  Even the Sheff Weds & Derby scumbag cheating owners remember that football is a results business and that schtupping the players has to be the last resort, cos they're the only ones who can prop up the club while they're desperately trying to flog it off to some other crook/clown/dreamer/white knight.  Short changing the players ain't going to help is it?  By the time EFL pretend to get around to imposing a sanction millions will have been defrauded from all comers.  EFL cynically looking the wrong way while malfeasance goes on, unrestrained.
    Points deduction?  Yet more vomit inducing pissing about by the risible cash sponging halfwits at EFL.
  • iainment said:
    But any punishment will only be enforced years after the deed
    Why do you think that?
    Because that's what happened with Sheffield Wednesday.
  • Not sure I understand the new transfer window, especially as the EFL have not mentioned any dates (helpful 🙄).

    Does it mean that the summer window only opens 12 weeks before it shuts, ie approx 3 months ? If so, and assuming a 31st August closure, this means you can only start signing players on 1st June (give or take).
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