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Is 4 Points A Successful September?

9/14: Vs Birmingham City
9/21: @ Wigan
9/28: vs Leeds

Only three matches. Is a win and draw among them a success?



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    Draws against brum and Leeds and beat Wigan - that would be an unreal points return. 

    Our aim of the season is to stay up so even 3 points against Wigan is acceptable. 
  • Rewind 6 weeks.... 4 points is successful. We are just getting greedy saying it minimum. This is all part of the added pain when that poor run of form comes.
  • Just need to beat our relegation rivals Wigan for it to be a successful September 
  • Staying up is successful. Points in one month is irrelevant.
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    4 points is an ok September - 5,6 points or more is a successful one IMO. I am genuinely expecting us to blow Birmingham away on Saturday and really hoping we don't get a reality check.
  • Would 3 draws be better then WDL.....obviously 4 points is better then 3, but to remain unbeaten after nine games would be pretty amazing.....either would be OK in my book 5+ would be outstanding.
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    The more points you get the better. When you get a defeat, which you will, it is about how you react to it.
  • I'd be a little disappointed if we dont get four points from Birmingham and Wigan

    The former have had a good start but if we drop away then I expect Birmingham to do so as well so the results of these two games could mean so much come the end of the season

    We have had a start to the season that has defied all expectations though so wont be surprised if we flattered to deceive in September - Just depends if the International Breaks are going to hinder our form this season or help it by giving the players a rest... As imagine at the moment, most just want to be out on the pitch playing
  • Beat Birmingham and Wigan and draw against Leeds. Why not?
  • Of course  a WDL is better than 3 draws. 

    No brainer. 
  • Of course  a WDL is better than 3 draws. 

    No brainer. 
    As long as the win is against Leeds.
  • Five is successful. We should never be happy with a loss. Let’s keep the unbeaten run going as long as we can.
    Staying unbeaten isn't the be all and end all, 2 wins and a defeat would be better. That said, 5 points would be a very decent return. 
  • This mob of players don't know how to lose.  Minimum 5 points, maybe 7, maybe even 9.....
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    I’d take 2 points the rub of the green turns and we’ll end up with 1 or 0
  • Seven points. In Bowyer we trust.
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  • 9 points, we will win all three games 
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    4 points would be a par return, rather than a successful one.
  • As long as we get a win from Brum and something at Wigan it will be a good month. Leeds will be tough with a squad full of talent and promotion favourites, we shouldn't get too carried away. 
  • 4 points from our next two would set up the Leeds game nicely.
  • I think 4 is ok, 6 is a succes, 7 is amazing!
    9 is fine. 
  • I believe the three teams we are playing should be thinking "Can we get a point from this game?" not us
  • Dazzler21 said:
    I think 4 is ok, 6 is a succes, 7 is amazing!
    9 is fine. 
    I didn't wanna jinx it, so well done Daz, top work.
  • 3 games 4 points is good enough to avoid relegation so yes 4 points in September would be good.
  • On the lovesport fan’s show, I said 7pts, but I’d take 6.  The only thing is how we react if we do get beat.  I think we’ll be okay, based on the mentality Bowyer has installed, but you never know
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