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Australian & New Zealand Addicks

Tel who has been on CL for a long time has reformed the web page for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere.   The webpage address is   Of course anybody can go to it but one of its uses is to have a place where expats can discuss their thoughts about the club.   Look forward to catching up with addick fans down under


  • Cheers Addicks2000 good to see you back mate. Will take a while to get going again but quite a few old faces already registered and a much easier bespoke website to use than the old Tapatalk and Freeforums sites.
  • Hear hear, thanks for your post Peter.  As you say, an outlet for us ex pats to voice anything on our minds.

    Have to say though many of our best moments were reading the impassioned comments from Ryan on the Valley touchine and first hand reports too from Robin and Tel.  I always enjoyed the fact there were comments from all over - a couple of guys in the US and Asia and not forgetting  AmsterdamAddick (who later moved to Oz)
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