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Russia World cup



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    iainment said:

    As ever it's ordinary people who are used for the ends of our 'betters'.
    When all trade with Russia is banned I'll go along with not going to the WC.
    But I suspect money interests won't be expected to take a hit, or if they do it'll be miniscule.

    What trade do we do with Russia anyway? They gave us Roman Abramovic, 80% vodka and Polonium, we gave them retro football violence and Norman Wisdom
    Might be a cold winter if we stop buying gas off them...
    British Gas don't have any gas? they borrow it off Gazprom?

    It's no wonder the Russians hate us, they've got to put carpets on their walls and drink vodka in the morning to keep warm as all the gas is exported.
  • We sell them Vimto too, I believe.

  • Expect another 25% rise from British gas et al then... "supply issues" and all that..
  • When people say that sport and politics shouldn’t mix, then don’t forget your history, what finally brought South Africa back into line and stopped apartheid was it economical sanctions on there own, or was it a combination of sporting and economic sanctions, us oldies know the answer, what hurt them the most was the sporting sanctions, the fact that they couldn’t play on the world stage, yes economic hurt financially but the sporting sanction hurt there pride.

    In my opinion a similar stance should be taken against Russian (Putin) as that would really hurt there ego.
  • What about all the fans who have paid thousands to go. Who would cover that expense if our FA or Govt decide to pull us out? Genuine question.

    I’m on about ticket money as much as travel (which may be covered by insurance?)

    I’ve paid £600 for potential semi and final tickets if England make it (don’t laugh) - would I get that back from FIFA if we boycott, like I would have if England didn’t make the final??

    You get your money back if we don't reach the semis and final? You'll be fine.
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