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SLP interview with Mark Hudson

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  • Interesting he highlights ambition.

    Seeing as we'll be cutting back this summer, someone did a good sales job on him !
  • TBF Smudge I cant see Palace competing this year as they are losing close to £10m a year (according to BBS) and will have to cut back big time unless someone puts a load of money in.
  • like the comment about us being a big club , that's sure to wind the nigels up
  • haha well done Hudders

    Like the big club bit
  • "It is such a big club and they have so much ambition"

    I tell you, we are the new 'Massives'.... hehehe
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    I agree with u buckshee, if it was the other way round it would p**s me right off, but its not so it puts a smile on my face
  • Let's hope he has a good season, a couple of own goals, a few fluffed clearances and we'll see come back Agent Hudson headlines...
  • [cite]Posted By: buckshee[/cite]like the comment about us being a big club , that's sure to wind the nigels up

    It has...

  • Amongst all the ".....he wanted to move up north to be nearer his family" stuff, there's this little nugget:

    "Doesn't this translate as "I've been told I'm not good enough to be a certain starter for Palace, so I've gone to Charlton" can't imagine they'd be overly happy to hear that!"
  • Absolute quality......Talk about stripy tinted glasses.

    The fact that both Warnock and Tango were keen for him to stay would point to quite the opposite I'd say
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  • Poor lambs. They've just had a big reality check and are hurting over there.
  • its a good picture
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