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Dunglish and interchangeable words

As we know the English aren't famed for their knowledge of other languages but speaking the world's most wide spread language makes us a bit lazy on that front.

So to educate ourselves I though it would be good to list all the words and phrases that mean one thing in Standard English (like what we talk) and Dutch English (or Dunglish) like our fragrant CEO and decisive owner talk.

We all know that "Weird" actually means "unique" but how many others can you get?

"Ambition" means "break even"

"Competitive" means "staying up by the skin of our teeth"

"Scouting" means "youtube"

"Intensive search" means "Roland wanted this guy/Guy"

"Keohone" means "Toady little yes man scheming for the CEO's job when Katrien is sacked"

"Bitter ex-employee" means "embarrassing truth I'm not going to acknowledge"

"Rumour" means "Oh shit, how did they find out about that, has Keone been leaking stories again?"

"Communication" mean "Drunken rants at 9.00 pm"

Any others that people have picked up on their travels?


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Roland Out!