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++++NEW ARTICLE - Putting Things Into Perspective......++++

with details regarding a collection in memory of The Boat

and Henry Irving's latest offering can be found here


  • exactly henry give me one win over arsenal over 20 wins, against nobody f.c, in this sh**e league....
    onwards and upwards we must go cos if we don't make it this season or next we'll bestuck down here for a long time and we'll become another coventry, ipswich, sheff wed, QPR etc. and imo i think our support will dwindle very quickly towards a 12k average cos we haven't got a real hardcore set of fans
  • That's a lovely piece AFKA.
  • Agreed, that's a nice piece AFKA. The Meningitis UK site links to a JustGiving page for donations, so we could other donate directly in his memory, or set up a page like you did for the Demelza fundraising day.
  • Great piece AFKA it's choked me up a bit reading that.
  • Great post AFKA.

    See you on Saturday.

    Puts the old 4-5-1/4-4-2 Varney or Mcleod conundrum into perspective doesnt it.
  • Nice one AFKA. Will try and get round to see you tomorrow for a donation.

    And, a win double. That is the first article from the supporters director I have actually agreed with
  • Great article AFKA - agree entirely.

    I agree with Henry's too albeit reluctantly. I really don't like the Premier League but looking at the teams who've got stuck in the Championship that seems an even less appealing prospect!
  • Such a way with words AFKA, see ya saturday.
  • afka sums up exactly what i’ve been trying to post yet couldn’t quite get the words right.
    i was once told “enjoy your life as though you’ve won the lottery, because the real lottery is when you are taken from the rest of us”.
    this year i am realising how true that is.
  • Well said AFKA.
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