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Five Live Sports Extra this weekend

Has full 90 minutes commentary of the game against Wolves, should be available on line, as the BBC have the national UK rights.


  • It'll be UK-only, according to the schedule.
  • is there no PL footie on Saturday then ?
  • 5 Live sports extra will focus on the Football League on Saturdays, while 5 Live will further stick it's tongue up the arse of the Premier League
  • So eloquently put Rothers!! :-p
  • Former England RU coach Dick Best referred to 5Live as Radio Football last night on air. RadioManChelspool would be more appropriate. Can't stand when the say lets go to Anfield and listen to the crowd sing YNWA before KO.
    Have you noticed they cover the big 4's games on a Sat 5.15 KO on 5Live but any other match at that time, Prem or whatever, goes to 5Extra, unless there is Rugby League on!
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