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Charlton Athletic Club Manager (PC) 2003

Anyone remember this game and how bad it was? i bought it from club shop when Di Canio was doing an autograph session.


  • My First ever Post...No one answered.
  • Yes I remember. I used to own it. Only played it once or twice mind. I think it had photos of all the players at the time.

    I answered. Happy now?
  • I-SAW just leave this thread and let it RIP
  • Bought all of them gash of a game.. The scottish fella saying no you cant do that was a tad anoying. Having played champ manager and fm since 93 it was an awful sim but hopefully the club got some bunce out of it.
  • I brought this game too as most played it once or twice then put away never to be seen again.
  • No-one answered, we don't care, you are Pouso, lonely Pouso..................
  • I preferred to it Football Manager for a few months. :-)
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