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RIP Michael Winner

Film producer died today aged 77.


  • Can I be the first to say " Calm down dear". R.I.P
  • Going to miss him on Twitter. Was always good to follow some of his politically incorrect banter...thought he'd live forever! RIP.
  • Maybe he had a Death Wish
  • Too many Winner's Dinners...
  • RIP michael anybody who called Richard Littlejohn a total arseole live on tv has my admiration.
  • RIP michael anybody who called Richard Littlejohn a total arseole live on tv has my admiration.

    oh yes
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    johnny73 said:


    Might want to hold off on chucking accusations around like that.
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    Didn't like his films much but a funny guy who knew how to tell a good story and didn't take himself seriously
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  • Made many more bad movies than good but was a character who lived life to the full. Enjoyed his re-counting of his running battles with the tax man. RIP.
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    Good lad. Edited mine too
  • Bit of a character and as said didn't take himself too seriously. RIP
  • RIP mr winner
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    Remember when he pulled an ex Grange Hill actress about 40 years his junior.

    Fair play for that and RIP MW!
  • Yes, I remember her. Callie or Faye or something like that. Was in his film dirty weekend, worse film I have ever seen in a cinema. RIP Anyway.
  • Yeah Callie I think
  • RIP michael anybody who called Richard Littlejohn a total arseole live on tv has my admiration.

    Agreed, one of the great TV moments, that utter chunt Littlejohn could hardly believe it.

    Loved Winner, he was a superb wind-up merchant and did not take himself seriously.
  • I liked some of his films from the 60's where he often had Oliver Reed playing the lead and had his own ensemble of actors like Harry Andrews and Michael Horden. The Jokers, The System and I'll Never Forget What's isname. They were fun films. He also directed a remake of The Big Sleep and filmed some of it in Avery Hill Park. Both Robert Mitchum and James Stewart were there, I remember it well as it caused quite a commotion locally at the time.
    Didn't much care for the Deathwish series or much of his later stuff but he was a good raconteur and enjoyed a full life.
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  • He was a character. A friend of mine always says he's never jealous of another man's car or house, but a beautiful women, now that's another matter. Mr Winner had way more than his fair share of them.
  • Was it something he ate? Just kiddin' RIP
  • Clever outspoken man but a character as well
  • Great Quote from Michael Winner.

    Is it true you turned down an OBE?

    I turned down two. They wrote to me, saying that Tony Blair would like to honour me with an OBE for my work with the Police Memorial Trust [the charity Winner founded in 1984]. I replied: "Thank you so much, I will continue my good work unrewarded." Then they wrote again, asking me to reconsider. I sent that one back too. My friend Don Black, the lyricist, rang me afterwards and said: "Why have you turned down the OBE? I've got one and so has Joan Collins." I said: "My case rests."
  • Didn't think he was much of a film maker although I agree The Jokers was OK but I did like his sly sense of humour and the ability to laugh at himself. Also true he knew how to pull a bird Jenny Seagrove was a looker when she was young so he did rather well there.
  • I also liked this character, and it's interesting that there is not one negative comment here. RIP you old bugger.
  • True Grandpa which kind of reinforces my opinion that most people like "characters" providing they are not dangerous or offensive and Winner was neither
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