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Films you secretly like.....

I have to admit that I'm a "Love Actually" fan...

*hangs head in shame*


  • Both Bridget Jones movies.......
  • Both those listed are actually pretty good. They do what they set out to do. I can't think of any film I like that I would avoid telling others about.
  • Grease (still !!)
  • Pretty Woman

    Someone please shoot me!!
  • Dirty Dancing !!

    No one puts Baby in the corner !!
  • i bet you practice the lift AFKA : )
  • have done, but people are struggling to catch me lately :-)
  • ha ha, when we score against man city run down a few flights of steps and we'll pick you up, being careful mind not to chuck you off the upper tier!!!
  • Hang him over the edge, like Kate Winslet in Titanic.....
  • edited October 2006
    the sound of music.

    odl lay ee
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  • kate ritchie's 'secret' film.
    probably the best episode of home and away ever!!!!!
  • not sad, but watched Ray last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Back to the future, all of em!
    Home alone 1 and 2 great films!
  • Dumb and Dumber

    bloody makes me laugh everytime.
  • [cite] Arfur:[/cite]Dumb and Dumber

    bloody makes me laugh everytime.

    Or even better than that, me myself and Irene, thats quality too!
  • [cite] 1905:[/cite]Pretty Woman

    Someone please shoot me!!

    Come D admit it. You just like Julia Roberts in those boots.............
  • "Come D admit it. You just like Julia Roberts in those boots............."

    Does it for me mate ............... in fact I think it has just done it again :-)
  • House Sitter(?) with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn.

    'B' movie called Deadly Weapons - woman with size 92 inch mammary glands (I still have a picture of her!). I think this film was released around the same time as Flesh Gordon......both films are extemely funny....well they were then!
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