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+++Conor Coventry joins on a 3 1/2 year deal+++

Midfielder from West Ham

Appleton said: I'm delighted we've been able to sign Conor. He's someone that quite a few years ago I took on his very first loan at Lincoln. To be able to be reunited with him on a permanent deal I'm delighted with. 

"He's very, very comfortable on the ball and knows his position really well. He's a good passer of the ball, with good technique, and he's got a steeliness to him as well which I like - a bit of nastiness to him. He's one who lives his life right and is a proper professional."



  • 5ft 10 
  • Pleased with this.

    The little one won’t be getting Coventry on his shirt though, what a dump…
  • semms just the type we need a bit of steel and nastiness in the middle, well done CAFC
  • Don’t know much about him but sounds very promising, looking forward to seeing him play.

    Looks like there will be a chunky sell on clause - no issue with that if it means we’ve got a very good player.

    The Owls’ negotiations for the player were slowed as they struggled to agree sell-on terms with West Ham, who had initially been demanding 50 per cent.
  • Fantastic signing that 👏🏼
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  • Obviously can’t really judge the signing until he’s bedded in and played some games, but by the sounds of it we’ve signed a player that other clubs were after, which augers very well. 
    I want expecting that to be the case before the window opened. 👏👏
  • Decent signing and good years on the contract. Good luck Conor 👍
  • barstool said:
    semms just the type we need a bit of steel and nastiness in the middle, well done CAFC
    Same was said about Fiorini as well, and Bakinson looks like he might possess similar traits.

    Something we have definitely been missing from our midfield, so glad they are looking to address it. 
  • Sounds positive though no idea if he's any good, people were raving about Terry Taylor when he signed so not getting too excited just yet. Good luck Conor. 
  • Seth beat me to it.
    Please be in the same mold as Matty & Kins 🙏🏻🇮🇪💚
  • Hopefully we'll sign Dave Daventry too, and make it a new mid(lands)field duo!

    Seriously though, great credit to the club for what appears to be something of a coup. I never expected to be uttering such words this window.
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  • Very pleased with that! Steps in the right direction finally! 
  • Very pleased, gives us some optimism for next season more than anything else but still a long way to go. 
  • It feels like a significant signing and you can already feel the morale lifting amongst the fans, which can only be a good thing. Fingers crossed we can get a few more similar calibre players through the door before Feb 1st. 
  • sounds promising. I'll celebrate this when we've seen whether he's actually any good though. Seen far, far, far too many championed signings being complete dogshite. 
  • Very good signing! Perhaps the SMT are beginning to walk the walk? Let's hope so!
    Welcome Conor!
  • Don’t know much about him but seems a bit of a coup for league one. The sort of transfer that may change the whole atmosphere around the club and be the start.

    This seems the sort of player we should be looking to get in not good enough for prem club at the moment nearing the end of his contract with the ability to play a league above. 
  • 3 1/2 year deal, sounds good and hopefully a sign of more to come...✅
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