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Ben Jay support thread - JustGiving donation page set up (p8).

Ben Jay is a 17 year old dedicated Addick who attends matches at The Valley with his mates, watching from the Covered End.

Sadly, Ben has been diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and has now learned that the Chemo treatment is not working. He is in a lot of pain but is still determined to attend games. 

Tracey Leaburn learned of Ben's condition in August & subsequently arranged for him to meet his favourite player, Jake Forster-Caskey pitch side at The Valley- an experience that he couldn't stop talking about !

" Our Tracey " has also been able to support Ben by arranging additional surprises for him, and on Tuesday evening, he visited the Charlton TV Studio to chat with Scott, Curbs & Matty H and then was able to watch the match with his pals & his family from an Exec Box which was kindly "donated" for this game. I understand that he has a signed shirt/s, a signed captain's armband from the Ipswich encounter & last but not least, received a visit from Thomas ! 

Tracey reported that Ben couldn't stop smiling when the final whistle was blown after witnessing a great performance from our boys and an evening to remember.

It would mean a lot to the family if you could post messages here showing your support for Ben & to assure him that he's in your thoughts as he bravely battles against this evil disease.

Let's do what the Charlton Life family does best.

Thank you.

MOD NOTE 8/1/2022 - a JustGiving donation page has been set up for Ben. @Fanny Fanackapan has explained the background to it in this post


  • Keep powering on Ben! The big Charlton family are behind you.
  • Thinking of you Ben ❤️
    Sending you much love xxxx
  • Wow Ben! I don't know how you're managing but so glad you could make it down for that match on Tuesday - you must be a fighter like our own club captain. Sounds as though you had a great night and what a match! Another big one on Saturday - keep coming, keep adding to our special Valley atmosphere, and maybe, just maybe, we can still have a magical 2022. Thinking of you Mate.
  • Keep fighting Ben and continue to do all the things that you want to do. The Charlton family will be behind you all the way. Fantastic that you were there for the Ipswich game, I'm a long serving supporter and I've not seen many games better than that.
  • Best wishes Ben  - keeping fighting mate
  • Stay positive & strong Ben, and keep fighting, just like the lads have been doing for Johnnie.

    Merry Christmas to you and all of your family and friends and lets hope 2022 brings some positive news for you.

    "Come on you reds..............and Ben"

    All the best mate

  • Kia Kaha Ben!
    Be strong; my thoughts are with you.
  • Hi Ben,

    Keep fighting and stay strong. You have the support of the whole Charlton family - the best family in the world to belong to.

    I'm sure you had a great time Tuesday night.

    All the best.
  • Positive thoughts Ben, it will win the day.
    Have a lovely Christmas.
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  • All the best Ben, keep fighting.
  • Best wishes Ben, keep fighting! 
  • All the best Ben, hope you have a lovely Christmas mate.
  • Keep up the fight Ben - we are all right behind you
  • Hi Ben, stay strong and keep fighting, we are all with you
  • Ben, keep on fighting and believing mate - the covered end needs you.
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    Hi Ben,
    Sounds like you've been spending more time on the treatment table than JFC, which is saying something!
    I'm so pleased that the team was able to put on a proper performance for you on Tuesday night, and I hope you'll be at The Valley again soon to experience a repeat.
    It's great that you've got good mates  and your mum sounds like a proper trooper too. My very best wishes go to both of you. All the best for Christmas, the new year and the rest of the season!
  • Keep on fighting Ben, you have your Charlton family fully behind you.
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    edited December 2021
    Best wishes to you and your Mum and Dad.  
  • Keep the fight going Ben, we’re all behind you 100%
  • Keep fighting Ben. We’ll all be watching Charlton back in the Premier League soon!
  • All the best Ben, Charlton family are all behind you. Hope you have a great Christmas. 
  • Keep fighting Ben, saw a nice Instagram post and message from Scott Minto earlier who posted a pic with you.

    Sounds like you had a great night (with a performance to match)
  • Hey Ben - you keep on fighting hard, and you WILL win through

    And with Jacko at the wheel, our mighty Addicks WILL be at Wembley next year, and WILL triumph in the play off final

    And if you have a quiet word with your new best mate Thomas, you WILL in the Directors Box at Wembley that day, and thousands of your fellow fans will be cheering not only OUR team but YOU as well

    Have a great Christmas mate, you deserve it

  • Keep up your positive attitude Ben, we're all willing you on. Hope that you enjoy Christmas and can continue watching Charlton 's great improvement under JJ. 
  • Evening Ben. Sending you the warmest wishes and best regards. Keep battling on. Addicks to Victory. 
  • Keep on fighting Ben  we're all with you.
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