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Fans’ Forum - Thursday 16th September 2021

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sensible, and witty/clever/funny CL type questions here..

My question so far is who from the club will be attending, and I will try and get an answer to that in advance.


  • "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
  • What is the best way to present ham sandwiches?
  • Any plans (if so then when) will we employ a COO?
  • Addickted said:
    "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
    Is that a European or African Swallow?

    About 24 miles an hour for the European, obviously.
  • Will Thomas be attending?
  • not sure which of the Owner/Directors will be attending yet, is the answer I've been given
  • Who’s in charge on a day to day basis in London?
    What delegated powers do they have?
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  • Any plans (if so then when) will we employ a COO?
    Thought we had a COO? (Keohane?)
    Assume you meant CEO?
  • Any plans (if so then when) will we employ a COO?
    Thought we had a COO? (Keohane?)
    Assume you meant CEO?
    Yeah cheers Rick, I’ve got the bird @ the moment.
  • What are the realistic football objectives and expectations for this season?  
  • HexHex
    edited September 13
    When will supporters in the East Stand :-
    1) Have a PA system that is audible and kind to ears ?
    2) Have hot water in the toilet washbasins ?
    3) Have sufficient fit for purpose hand dryers in the toilets ?
    4) Be able to see the big screen when other supporters nearer the screen are standing up ?
    And lastly - have stewards in the car park early enough to prevent cars parking on the lines, leaving impossible to get out of spaces ?
  • Chizz said:

    What power have you got? 

    Where did you get it from? 

    In whose interests do you use it? 

    To whom are you accountable? 

    How do we get rid of you? 

    Very good - well played.
  • Why is the catering so poor in the family stand? the only option is to feed kids sweets or pies, and if you have a young child the north lower isn't a great place to take them into for the catering options there. 
  • Has this week's cross bar challenge chap been offered a contract?

    He missed an open net from 22 yards! 

    And he's probably injured now after that knee slide.

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  • Senior citizen discount on season tickets from 60 years. 
  • The PA systems are still a serious issue. While it's good to be able to hear Brian or the RRR, from a safety point of view it's essential that everyone can hear important announcements.

    It's no use testing them in an empty stadium with no fans in, they have to be audible over cheering/singing/booing spectators.
    Totally agree - I'm lower west and it's hopeless.  Another question - what about fan Wi-Fi...I don't think that's been switched back on...that would costs very little ...
  • Redrobo said:
    The website could do with an overhaul. It is not very intuitive and looking for points etc is a pain.
    Even going into Valley TV is confusing, and why you have to log into general content via a bit of red text is a mystery. Why not a button you press? All a bit amateurish.
    The team's not been very successful when looking for points either!

    They had a better points table on the ticketing page before, showing in detail how you earned points, but that got removed last season so that they could show "CAFC Cash" and doesn't seem to have returned.
  • Agree on the website - having to talk my elderly parents through various tasks over the phone is always fun.
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