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Sean Clare



  • Welcome back to the club Sean!!
  • Robbo will be pleased....😄😄😄😄
  • 'Clare, in the sack' would have been a better headline. But welcome Sean, very happy with this one.
  • Hang on... Undisclosed fee... Do we do those?
  • Young, mobile, played a lot of games - basically what we were promised. I like it!
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  • Good damn signing.
  • edited July 2021
  • Had two good years with Hearts 2018-20 with over 50 appearances, featured in the Scottish Cup Final 2019 as well.

    Looks like Oxford signed him last summer and then had no idea how to use him.
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  • welcome Sean and ALL THE VERY BEST during your second CAFC Career o:) 
  • The tsunami of signings begin!

    Don’t know much about him myself, have to be honest, but if others are happy then I’ll go along with that.

    Welcome aboard/back Sean!
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    Whats on the side of his face? - Is that a bruise or a birth mark of some kind?
  • did anyone predict this signing ? .. now tell the truth ((:>)
  • Looks like a good signing. Hope it's the first of 3 or 4 in the next week or so.
  • Two year deal worries me slightly. We go up and he does well in the Championship and we could lose him for nothing. Unless of course we don't think him good enough for the Championship? I was hoping for some three year deals to stop our squad churn every summer.
    I've thought about that too ..... whether we are promoted or not, I guess if we are impressed with him, we'll extend his deal/offer a new improved contract.

  • Haven't even heard of him! So cant really comment.

    Which means I wont rubbish him, nor declare him a Hollands equivalent signing for our midfield.

    I assume he fits the bill of one of the best midfielders in league 1 going on some of the reactions here.

    I am so out of touch with league 1 football - think I will have to get used to not knowing much about our players until I see them in our shirt.
  • Good to have another signing and a fee paid which goes against what some have been saying

    I'd never heard of him until this morning but proven at this level, young and has pissed off Tarbuck so all good.

    One down, eight to go (but not today)
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