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**CONFIRMED- Nigel Adkins - New Manager (Jacko Assistant)*



  • Well - off we go again - with a game only 2 days away, this will be interesting
  • I am happy with that and JJ stays too, what's not to like.
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  • I'm very happy with that. Looking forward to seeing what he gets out of this team for the rest of the season and then how he builds over the summer.
  • Great news, every box ticked! Up the Addicks!!!
  • Oh!! Blimey. 
  • that's a bit out the blue...

    welcome to Charlton Mr Adkins
  • Now that is classy.  No Scarfy.  
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  • “ Sandgaard and Adkins will speak to the press at 3pm on Thursday afternoon in the latter’s first press conference in charge at the club. The press conference will be available to watch shortly afterwards on Charlton TV's Valley Pass.”
  • Dazzler21 said:


    Well you can adjust the list in terms of @Redhenry now Dazzler !!!
  • Happy with that, especially as JJ is still part of the team.

    The new era begins.
  • A great appointment imo. Proven record of getting out this league, getting into the premier league and developing young talent. Ticks all the boxes - and he seems like a really nice guy to boot.
  • If Johnnie had gone would've been tainted, but very happy that we're keeping Johnnie on as well. He'll learn loads from Nigel
  • edited March 18
    Now that is classy.  No Scarfy.  
    Think that maybe because he's been photo shopped onto a background of the Valley?
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