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Media/culture war matters

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"Oh, The Times! The paper of record! Always the voice of reason and a breath of fresh air from the radicals on both sides!"


  • It's almost as if The Times are the frothing-mouthed radicals 
  • Ahem...
    Academy schools not only become self governing and thus outside of local democratic control, but they take a piece of the SEN pie from the council upon exit.

    Ultimately the entirely necessary costs of bailout have now been socialised and spread across vital services... it's almost as if they wanted a true socialist Labour leader to emerge?! 
  • Undertones of that times article is that children with special needs shouldn't recieve an education, or at least shouldn't be classed as children. Disgusting ableism. 
  • Just for clarity, is the argument, then, for positive discrimination - that a special needs child should get a bigger slice of the pie than a child without such needs?
  • Well, I can only base this on anecdotal evidence, but if a child has special needs, then to address the needs is often more expensive than not addressing the needs. For example there are some children in my daughter's school who require a classroom assistant all to themselves. My sister does this at a different school for a kid. These "one on ones" are an additional cost. So yes, they should have a bigger "slice of the pie" than those without special needs.

    Similarly, those with cancer receiving treatment receive a greater slice of the NHS pie than me, since I am in currently in good health.
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  • The Times' latest stunt: turn Westminster Station into an actual hellscape. Avoid if you can 
  • Saw that piece last night @Addickted4life. Certainly needed pointing out. Laura Kuenssberg won’t be too happy about being named as ‘culprit in chief’.

  • I agree with Peter Oborne on this occasion, but there has been occasions in the recent past where he's actively participated in broadcasting fake news propaganda by the assad regime re chemical weapons attacks - something the syrian government has continued using and yet has all gone quiet here in the west. 
  • When I was at primary school I remember there was a building at the other end of the playground where the special needs kids went. If you spotted one, it was like you had seen a ghost, they were kept totally apart. That is awful and it is good that these kids are educated in the mainstream.

    I am not against special schools though. Some kids don't learn or get anything out of a mainstream school and need special teachers to maximise their potential. It shouldn't be about hiding them away, but doing what is best for each pupil.

  • This morning I have for the first time knowingly seen a spambot in action. A "sponsored" ad popped up on my Facebook timeline, from an account in the name of the actress Caroline Goodall. They joined facebook in July, had never posted until yesterday, since when they have generated about a dozen adverts, all fake news about Sweden "fighting back" against the EU. Of course I have reported the account, but it is an interesting indication of how these charlatans work. I would imagine Aaron Banks might know more than me, though. :D
  • I'm slightly scared to broach this JK Rowling thing on here, but for me it boils down to allowing people to live as they choose to live, unmolested and supported, and not punching down at those who've had a bad life or are suicide risks. 
  • I tried to work out what was going on there. I really have no idea what my opinion is on this. Muddled, I guess.
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    The problem is Leuth, allowing people to live as they choose to live has limits where it impinges on the rights of other people to live as they choose to live. We need to be able to discuss what the basis of those rights are, and how those rights conflicts are dealt with, particularly when certain groups are lobbying to have the parameters of those rights changed. To argue that you can't base those discussions on observable reality, and that you can be discriminated against by your employer if you do, is a worrying precedent.
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  • Just leaving this here

  • Got to say that I find this video patronising in the extreme.

    Johnson won because the working class identified more with him and his policies than they did Corbyn.

    If a Labour leader can’t garner the support of the the working class on the back of 9 years of austerity then he sounds like an utter failure to me.

    When is the Labour left going to learn that, unless they change direction, the voting public will not support them?!
  • Probably after they lose the next election. 
  • Or, if you'd like to indulge in some informative and hilarious satire of the state of manufactured, market-driven consent were struggling to extricate ourselves from, Lee's own Museum Of Neoliberalism is a fine place to do it. I went today - it was excellent! Guy who runs it very friendly too.
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    It should be illegal to disseminate lies as news, or to mislead the public 
  • Careful @el-pietro you’ll have the ‘media balance’ brigade along in a minute with their rightist mates saying it is all a left wing conspiracy.

    How will we know if we are being misled? Mind you simple headlines are often enough for many.
  • So below is a report of a trial.
    There are many here who find it a struggle to accept the post brexit, and brexit induced rise in hate crime of all kinds. Many want to isolate it as down to a rogue individual, and would not want to associate far right hate crime with Stephen Yakitty Lookatme as he is not an individual but often accompanied by groups of 'supporters', his kind of far rightness gets a extra degree of credibility because he has declared himself a friend of the Tory ruling elite. I am still of the view, because of both personal experience, and from what is reported, that the increased unleashing of violent hate crime is due to brexit validating the hatred of foreigners, which in turn had brought out the latent nastiness that has always lurked on the right.
    The bloke was attacked from behind, by a person with a considerable 'collection' at home.
  • So I wonder who Dom is going to appoint as the new Director General of the BBC?

    Nige hasn’t got a job at the European Parliament anymore and has the relevant experience via his LBC show?

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