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Jonny Williams (pg. 10 - signed??)

Take a bow son.

Got us over the line in the past 2 games. Good lad.


  • Absolutely -couldn’t agree more. Quality. 
  • Both the semi AND the final he came on and made a huge difference. A little cult hero in the making
  • Watched in the pub - he looked very lively and was generally a pest. Good stuff
  • Hope he stays, class player.
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  • Played his heart out. 
    Made the difference. 
  • echo all above, game changer.
  • I'd be amazed if he doesn't sign a new deal (assuming Bowyer stays) it just works out perfectly for both parties
  • Talal said:
    He was better than McGeady was and I was absolutely convinced McGeady was going to score the winner.
    Bit of desperation from them with McGeady I think. Clearly wasn't fit. 
    Yes, until I watched the Quest highlights I hadn't realised that he was only on the bench as a last resort gamble. 
  • Sad to see him getting kicked about so much.  
  • Pringle said:
    Sad to see him getting kicked about so much.  
    Yes thought he was crocked after that first foul. 
  • Is there  a player that's been fouled more in
    THAT league?
  • He's a top composer on the pitch.
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  • "Lee Bowyer took me to Charlton and gave me the opportunity and it was a bit of a fairytale ending and an amazing feeling"

    Doesn't sound promising does it 
  • Bowyer needs to be tied up first and then I seriously think we can get him.
  • He was absolutely unplayable yesterday... They had to keep chopping him down. Really hope we can get him back next season
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    I’m expecting Williams, Bauer, Aribo all to leave. 50/50 on Cullen and Bielik coming back again. I think the agents for the first three will want them moving on. Having said that I do trust Bowyer and Gallen to pick us able replacements even if it is a shame we can’t keep the squad together. We’ll never be building year on year under Duchatelet. Fully expecting about ten new faces next season.
  • I’ve been pretty critical of his performances for us since he joined but he really was excellent yesterday 
  • Jonny Williams has played 134 games in 8 seasons. That's an average of 17 matches a season.
    Jonny would be great to have at Cafc but not sure how the contract would pan out.
    Pay as you play ? Fantastic cameo yesterday but he is fragile and he is fouled so often.
    One of many issues to be sorted.
    Starting with Lee Bowyer.
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