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Height of Players

Plenty of you on here seem obsessed with the height of players, especially those we are about to sign. Fill yer boots on the following link


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    It really depends on the style of football employed and the ability to counteract that i.e. it would be difficult to out pass teams like Barcelona in their pomp but, equally, those sides would struggle to defend set pieces against the Crazy Gang Wimbledon. It would just be a question as to whether the Crazy Gang could stop Barcelona from playing but, with the tightening up of "allowable" tackles, they probably wouldn't be able to nowadays!
  • the mislead here of course is in taking the 'average' .. @Addick Addict is right on the case ..
    OK perhaps to have smallish midfielders and nippy little strikers .. not so ok to have small central defenders or goal keepers .. and it's not just height, body size also comes into play
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