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  • Any of the red tops and you have to go with Rooney's version of events... Any non-red top, you'd be suspicious of Rooney, if only they had said cougar instead of "girl".
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    One of the replies:

    "Sue them then. Unfortunately, there wouldn't appear to be much mileage in that when you've fucked more grannies than a cold winter."
    Account of a so-called United fanzine nicking a Frankie Boyle joke and misappropriating it against Rooney for a couple of likes on Twatter. Absolute state of that. 
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  • Well that is the disgusting nature of the sun and the so called reporters who work for it. I hope there is some way Stokes can take them to court and ruin them.
  • Trouble is what can Stokes sue them for?  Wrongly or rightly it is in the public eye (NZ), 
  • Rudders22 said:
    Trouble is what can Stokes sue them for?  Wrongly or rightly it is in the public eye (NZ), 
    Well Stokes mentions that there were inaccuracies in the Sun's story so them straight away surely?

    Trouble is the likes of the Sun / Daily Mail dont care if they get taken to court or sued

    They just issue their apologies and move on to the next target that they can find
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  • Expect an half hearted apology in the bottom right corner of page 22. They just don't give a shit.

  • But...but... they have good sports coverage and used to show tits. Excuses good enough for the low intelligence and moral levels of their readership.
  • Fucking outrageous.

  • Why the shock?   They have been doing it for years.  The only time I see a newspaper is when I am at my fathers place on a Saturday, he takes The Sun, The Mail and The Express every day!  Cannot think of anyone who wanders into work here with one under their arm.  Despite all the spin it is a dying form of media.  Sooner the better for the super soaraway!
  • Gareth Thomas having to come out with his HIV diagnosis after being blackmailed by the sun one day, the next this bollocks.

    Desperately need Leveson 2. 
  • Be nice to get hold of the Sun editor's internet search history and publish that.

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