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Ashley Maynard-Brewer - at the Olympics with the Aussies (p5)



  • Ignoring the financial issues, I'd be a bit concerned if he was a Championship Number 2 next season. Would prefer him to follow Phillips/Pope's route and get a League 2 loan first. 

    If Amos goes there's always a half decent keeper available on a free. Obviously any Finance problems change things. 
  • See he also won Save of the Season for Dover Athletic during his 4 or 5 game loan spell there.

    Not a bad one at that. 

    Sorry don't know how to embed that!!
  • se9addick said:
    No chance will we keep two senior ‘keepers post June 30th, so AMB has a clear route to the second spot, pushing Phillips for the starting position will be really tough. 
    That assumes we'll be able to keep Dillon. AMB could be backup to Amos or ANO
    Also assumes we’ll have a club to follow.
  • That is really telling Phillips to go!
  • Sage said:
    That is really telling Phillips to go!
    You’re right it is, they do want him to leave now and could help us bring that one more permanent in, we’d have a little bit more to play with.

    But I know 100% that Bow really does rate AMB. Believes he is an outstanding young keeper. Could even see a bit of similarity between him and Pope, but that’s just my opinion.
    They've certainly kept faith in him for a while now, and I think he's been around the first team squad (but not in it) too. Suggests to me that they have pretty high hopes.
  • Where's @Streetlife with an update?
  • That is really telling Phillips to go!
    Was thinking what would Bowyer do if Amos got injured or suspend. Would he revert back to Phillips or give AMB a run. I think we have our answer loud and clear.
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  • Dillon suffering from a Bowyer 'shake it up'  
  • Give the Aussie a go in goal .
  • Hope he signs. Think he’s a very good keeper with great potential.
  • Recommended to the club by Andy Pettersen. Couple of years old this, but interesting enough:
  • mart77 said:
    Hope he signs. Think he’s a very good keeper with great potential.
    You'd hope so, especially as he's now No 2 keeper
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    Cant see why he wouldnt sign to be honest... Just needs to be patient, am sure he'll get his opportunity

    Watching that interview you'd hope he gets another opportunity with the Aussie National Team
  • I can't see this lad getting into the first team. Well not until he reaches 16 at least!
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    Strewth that took long to resolve
  • Great news. The kids can still see a future development path to the first team but now at a well run club (or at least on its way to being well run again). That's why the best of them are being offered contracts and are signing up for the journey.
  • With the salary caps not counting for under 21s (which AMB is for this purpose) it creates an odd situation where we could offer AMB a bigger contract than we could offer to Amos!
  • Be great if he gets a run out in the FA Cup
  • Great news. The thing with a lot of sporting Aussie’s is that they play a hell of a lot of cricket & AFL in their younger years, all hand eye coordination, as well as kicking with AFL, so to me it’s no surprise they can become very good keepers. The perth club he played for has a rich history of developing good footballers too. AMB no doubt fits that mould. 
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