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Welll, I was down by the ground today round by the car park. I saw a short mop haired bloke come out of the club offices and get into a car. I was standing by the entrance to the car park and as it was leaving it pulled over and the window wound down so the person inside could ask me for a chip. It was Lionel Messi, I recognised him instantly and exclaimed, "Lionel mate, what you doing here?" he told me something in Argentinian which i translated as soon as i got home. It translated to, "I discussing terms with Charlton Athletic i fed up at Barcelona, i want t o play for same team great great grandpapy Messi play for when he in your homeland." He then sodded off because i refused to give him a chip, but i just thought i would shar this news with you because we are in fact signing Lionel Messi.


  • I wanna believe it......I won't believe it.............................(Is it on the OS?)
  • In our dreams lol

    Having said that its all very well signing Messi, the biggest questions is, can we afford him.
  • You speak 'Argentinian' then, very impressive
  • Nah but i will be soon, their probably just keeping it on the down low to avoid all the publicity and that until the papers have been signed.
  • that is so so funny!!! was this a dream you had last night mate! ;-)
  • No it happened today and i translated it on google translate, Oh and i forgot he also said, "And i play for no moneys because i play in memory of great great grandpapy." So everything seem legit really.
  • Talking Fairytales
  • Connor you sneaky little nigel!

  • ok mate then we will wait! sounds very sweet!! maybe for one season to get us back to championship or even to the prem
  • Connor i think you've been playing too much Football Manager, i know i have!
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  • Well we signed Alan Simonsen from Barcelona once upon a time, so you never know...

    (but look where that led us!)
  • I think this should sinlence a few of you non believers.image
  • Gosh Aren't CP's arms looking white these days.  He's not going all Jackson on us is he?
  • The Black Brian Clough!
  • Its probably just the way the lights catching him in the picture.

  • I believe it now I've seen the picture proof.

    Good signing.

  • No point signing him he would be Charltonised by the time the season starts.
  • I think Chris Powell needs to get his head looked at ... quite literally! its enormous!
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    Just want to be the first to say that he is rubbish
  • That's the funniest photoshop picture I've EVER seen...LOVL
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  • But would he improve the squad?

    And if he is only coming for a year or two then he is really only like a loanee and they never work out, plus he would be stunting the growth of some of our youth team players.

    Never seen him defend and cover his colleagues well so don't think he would be suited to League 1 anyway.

  • Two bob player. All those goals in Spain mean nowt - no way he'd be banging them in on a cold night in Rochdale
  • To be honest, we need to be looking to improve the defence not attack at the moment, maybe next season we'll give him a try.
  • the strain of management is telling on Chrissy - trying to work out if is head has swelled or his body has shrunk! Not sure about us spending good money on Messi when we already have McCormack.
  • Bexley Dan is better
  • Listen ! I don't want a big name, I want a nice little one that I can pronounce.
  • Oh bless.  Someone hasnt taken their medication this morning... there there...

    If only eh?
  • Pre season madness in full flow.
  • At last.
    someone on the same level as Simone Franciscinho.
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