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Fire-drill in my office at the mo...

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I'm exempt staff so have to sit here being driven made by the alarm.....



  • ...what about if it's not a drill ?

    see any smoke yet !
  • Gump were are you?

    As i can hear a fire alalm from my office getting on my tits
  • we had ours yesterday!! must be drill week, it was like the office yesterday with some rather fat people just deciding to sit in the stair well instead of walking down the five flights to the exit, stil it was nice yesterday was good to get out and have a cheeky smoke.
  • We have a test every Thursday at 11am, what makes me laugh is that when we have a drill they would expect you to walk in orderly fashion down the stairs, yea right mate, if my office is on fire, i would fecking run faster than Ben Johnston on steroids
  • [cite]Posted By: leftbehind[/cite]Gump were are you?

    As i can hear a fire alalm from my office getting on my tits

    Above Cannon St station...
  • Actually mate id check that "exempt staff" thingy. As far as i know if the alram sounds you go---- end of. You may have a duty such as a fire warden, Facilities Manager etc etc, but you go. THe LFB wont be to happy to hear "that you are exempt" and if some bigKnob high flyer says "whose looking afterthe IT, the silver , the data etc "well the insurance does, and the fire systems. On the other hand you sure it aint someone u pi55ed off telling you that u have to stay behind ?
  • Exempt!!!!

    What's that all about?
  • Gump were are you?

    As i can hear a fire alalm from my office getting on my tits
  • dunno why that re posted ????

    Gump im at St James PArk either very loud or not you
  • Gump

    how are you exempt mate I don't understand.
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  • We have exempt certificates here as well and they are like gold dust , as the walk down 82 flights of stairs does you in
  • i would be rather worried if the fire alarms were going off and my boss walked over and said "nah you just stay there mate you're exempt!" would that mean you were the designated human fire door so as you burn it gives them more time to get out!
  • [cite]Posted By: Ledge[/cite]Gump

    how are you exempt mate I don't understand.

    A few staff have to stay behind to monitor the markets...
  • and woolwich and deptford were ok after the drill??
  • yes mate you stay there and "monitor the markets" lol when it starts geting a tad hot id suggest tell your boss he f**kin "monitors the market" !
  • monitor the markets lol - i bet your fire safety officer doesn't know that.

    We had a drill a couple of weeks ago and I was stood outside with the local fire brigade fire safety office and had 3 or 4 solicitors sitting in their offices waving at me - i'm trying to tell them to come down and there laughing away. He waited for them to come down and gave them such a bollocking i was embarrassed for them - they take it very seriously now and rightly so.
  • The reason is if the building cant be declared empty then the LFB have to go in and risk their lives to check it out.

    I would think that something like the MAGNA CARTA and the log book of the Victory would be alitte bit more important then which way the FOtse 100 is going and trust me we went when the bells went off !!!
  • oh yeah I know mate us facilities manager have to know these things.

    fireman can now sue people if they get injured in a fire if they don't follow evac procedures and the fireman get injured rescuing them. very unlikely in my building all our fire doors can withhold 1 hour of fire but ya never know.
  • Of course you can be exempt! Plenty of companies do it for business critical staff... also notice the key word in Gumps subject "drill". No exemptions for a non-drill... although plenty of lawyers here refuse to leave even during a non-drill. Money clearly more important than their lives...
  • Medders ur right re drill mate. However its not the livesof the Lawyers which the LFB are concerned with its their own Firemen.
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  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]However its not the livesof the Lawyers which the LFB are concerned with its their own Firemen.

    And rightly so mate. Really pisses me off though when our fire wardens try to kick them out but they refuse...
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