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Mark Clattenburg...

Disgraceful display..


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    Yeah Phil Neville must be gutted. I'm sure Everton will appeal against his Red. Moyes had clearly indicated they had gone to "Rush Goalie".
  • If Dida was punished for the way he reacted to that fan touching him, then maybe Gerrard should face similair treatment for the most disgustingly blatant dive i have ever seen. He really is a cheating scumbag.
  • The man's a complete cheat. Plain & Simple.

    Changed his mind from yellow to red on Gerrards say so and then didn't give the most blatant penalty I've seen for years.

    Watch Carraghers face on the challenge, he knew it was a pen.
  • He seems to like the big sides, I will never forget his performance at the Valley last season against the Gooners.
  • The way he changed his mind after Gerrard spoke to him is unforgivable and very wonky to say the least.
  • Gerrards always been a cheating c*nt. Not to mention the worst performer in an England shirt in years.
  • gerrard the worst performer in a england shirt for years?
  • Yeah. How often does he look like a "World Class Player" for England?
  • theres far worse,lampard for a start.
  • If Lampard had put in a performance like Gerrard did the other night he would have got crucified.

    Saying that bar the goal, Rooneys outfield play was dreadful.

    However, I fear we will be seeing Clattenberg by the end of the season.
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  • Shocking display by Clattenberg,what about Kuyt's 2 footed challenge.
  • Not only was it 2 footed it was 2 foot off the ground, he should have gone.
  • IF we get promoted look forward to this clown and his myopic big team loving chums pissing us off next season.
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