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Re-visited: You're not proper Charlton unless.............

edited February 2007 in General Charlton
You're supporting them right now!

From the breath of fresh air that Pardew has brought us, to the combined recent atmospheres at the Valley, the whole ground singing Valley Floyd Road, super, super Al and yes even the normally cringemaking 'Easy' chants which was one of the rare occasions that the whole ground has responded as one to the taunts of the opposition.


If any new fans over the last six years or so had ever wondered what the hell people like me were going on about when we blubbed about what a great deal it was supporting Charlton through the good but mostly dark times, well welcome to our world dear friends, welcome.

I have mentioned a few times recently over the airwaves that we have been given, the 'Old' Charlton back and that I am reminded of a clip in the film, 'Hook', when one of the lost boys goes up to an ageing and slightly rotund Robin Williams, pushes his face back tight and exclaims, 'Oh there you are Peter'.

The Valley face has been stretched tight, the gloss of premiership safety has been stripped away, the dull veil of mid table obscurity thrown aside and we have once more the uncertain outlook that had allways dogged us in the past, but was like a comfort blanket of excitement which would allow you to vent your splein and forget about issues elsewhere.

The comfort blanket has returned, but don't get me wrong I'm pleased we're back, but if we do manage the impossible and survive in the Premiership this season, a few relatively boring seasons afterwards wouldn't go amiss, just so I can re-charge the old batteries for the next onslaught, please.


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