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Best kabab

Nuxlley villiage ?


  • In Kebul?
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    Kebabies near Bexleyheath Station, best I've ever had
  • Diiidlinat their yooze too bee a grate Kabeb ib Bliackflen Viillliage ?
  • Blue Lagoon, Plumstead
  • anywhere when you're p**sed up, its midnight, all the other fast food, Indian's & Chinese's are shut & you've got the munchies...........

    then you wake up in the morning with your fingers stinking of chilli.
  • Best Kebab Ye in welling.
  • Best Kebab -Southborough
  • Siraz. 547 Tottenham High Road.
  • Shish Co. Widmore Rd Bromley
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  • Badly packed one .......
  • For a sit down restaurant job, Assos in Crayford takes some beating. Their mixed grill is to die for. The usual kebab meats and a lamb chop. Great rice. Yum.
  • There's one on a hill in Dartford that's good. But Chicken Express in Southend is more convenient for me.
  • Stig said:

    There's one on a hill in Dartford that's good. But Chicken Express in Southend is more convenient for me.

    That's 'House on the Hill' on East Hill Dartford - excellent place
  • Don't have them very often but the Albany Park Grill is always pretty good.
  • Mr chippy grove park good prices aswell
  • foots cray Kebab Ye
  • Used to be one in Islington, maybe still there, put the kebabs in these fluffy breads. Superb.

    Marmaris in Edinburgh best I've tasted, and Mr rams kebab in Chelmsford too
  • El Kervan in Petts Wood by a mile, including over Shish Co mentioned earlier
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  • Artins by Turnham Green tube.
  • Lezzet in sidcup
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    Amal in Tooting Bec (another branch in Colliers Wood)

    Also does a truly great shawarma
  • We've got Nuro here in Guildford that has a nice restaurant, nothing like a guilt free kebab. Also highly recommend Greek kebabs, Meat The Greek here is amazing
  • Lezzet in sidcup

    Mouth watering
  • cazo said:

    Mr chippy grove park good prices aswell

    There was a fucking good sweet shop up there once an all, next to the BR station
    Sugar-peddling death-dealers, ought to be strung up.
  • Shish Co. Widmore Rd Bromley

    You have to make it yourself in there
  • Barnehurst Kebab every time for me
  • Franks mobile van a east peckham
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    Can honestly say, even after over twenty years of a morsel of meat not passing my lips, I still get the odd craving for kebab meat. It was dirty good.
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