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Berlin lorry crash at xmas markets

Dreadful whats happenend tonight..9 dead up to now



    Horrible and eerily similar to the terrorist attack in Nice
  • Was in Hamburg a few weeks ago, cant find a better place to be than at markets in germany this time of year
  • RIP to all the victims, and thoughts with the families. Sounds like a terrorist attack from the last reports I read- sickening thing to do.
  • Nuts what happened to the Russian ambassador in Turkey tonight too.
  • Tonight we stand shoulder to shoulder to shoulder with our German cousins.
  • People out enjoying themselves and next thing....

    Bloody tragic
  • Alleged two in the cab, one killed in the crash, one arrested
  • Was at that market a week ago. Absolutely awful, RIP to all the victims.
  • Bloody disgraceful, but not altogether a surprise.
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  • Friend uploaded a Facebook pic of herself at that market just hours ago. Thankfully she'd already left by the time it happened.
    Another dreadful attack.
  • Solitary confinement for me
  • Its murder so death penalty is apt for me.
  • Its murder so death penalty is apt for me.

    Martyrdom actually suits these goons down to a tee
  • Chop off the goolies
  • There's been a high profile Islamic attack in Turkey too. The Russian ambassador has been assassinated by his Turkish bodyguard. (uncut footage)
  • There's been a high profile Islamic attack in Turkey too. The Russian ambassador has been assassinated by his Turkish bodyguard. (uncut footage)

    unbelievable ... the Russians will go ape over this, of all 'big powers' Russia is the most anti-Islamic .. remember Chechnya .. the world is going through a VERY dangerous time
  • Can never work out if it's intolerant people in a fucked up world or fucked up people in an intolerant world.

    So sad
  • Sadly I think it's fucked up intolerant people in a fucked up intolerant world.

    :( good luck to the injured and bereaved.
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  • Attack, after attack.
    The sad reality is that this will not end.
  • I'm not entirely sure why, but this hit me pretty hard:

    Truck driver murdered for the vehicle.
  • Two days ago i booked a trip to Berlin in February for five days. Still feel happy to go. I feel its important to stand with the locals.
  • Heartbreaking for all who are suffering as a result of both the shooting in Ankara and the Christmas Market horror in Berlin.

    Sadly, I fear that at least some of the calculation behind both (if both were terrorist attacks) will be that there will be a strong reaction, that can be twisted into a victimhood narrative and "justify" further terrorism.
  • Berlin is one of the world's great cities. Don't be scared, but be vigilant.

    Nice lorry attack happened very soon after another attack
  • The mate I went to Berlin with in June is currently out there. He sent me photos from that very market on Saturday I think, and told me he was going back there tonight. Turns out he was on the U2, a few stops away when the attack happened. Turns out his missus and him had returned to the hotel for a little bit before going back out to the Christmas Markets, if they hadn't they would've most likely been there at the time.
  • Sadly a shooting in Zürich as well this evening :(
  • I was there last week. Terrible news
  • Truly sad. The world is going nuts.
  • My two bosses flew out there on Fri and were due back to work on Wed. Just hope they're ok.
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